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I genuinely girls shoudnt be jealous of one and other  and instead work together for the sake of equalty and girlpower. Rather then tooing and throwing over many rather pointless tit for tat issues. I always support girls for showing ambition and wanting to be the best they can be, why cant all girls just simply support one and other instead of being ugly.

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3 Answers

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Oh dear lord...

I'm to old for this 

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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Lol... Cmon, Work with her. 


Sorry i do not know what you are oh lording at.

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Why work together when you can stab each other in the back.

Life is what you make it.

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Or dunk them in custard while marking your territory 


Obsessed with custard


I love custard. I can eat it every day.


Yeah well i dont so can you not use it in reference to me.


But that who you are, that's the girl we know and love. 

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If girls we not jealous, they wouldn't have anything.  It's what they live for.

Fortunately, women mostly grow out of it.

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Exactly.i grew out of it years ago, shame others do not.


It is a nice theory.

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