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Your website is very informative and has definitely assisted me with my research. I have gotten much closer to my goal which is to orchestrate the complete annihilation of a female narcissistic sociopath within my social circle. I am an extremely patient person, but it seems she insists on continuing her malicious games. Knowing how a sadistic sociopath thinks, I believe she has concluded in her limited capacity that I'm an easy target to be victimized at will. Unfortunately, I can't spare her (and myself) from my dark spirit any longer.  The dragon is now awake and she has no idea how her life is about to.burn to cinders.

I'll summarise some background information:
I have mastered being a full fledged sociopath for most.of my life. I've kept this personal anguish a secret. Perfecting my talents have endured - remaining undetected and I continue to apply my talents to the blissfully unaware. Please don't get me wrong...I am inherently a good person. I have never applied any of my darker talents without good cause or provocation. I mostly use my given talents to improve my life as well as to those that I consider to be my friends. My loyalty is extreme. However, there have been people who have greatly underestimated me. My ability to read people quickly and and accuratrly enables me to tell them what they want to hear . I act and change according to what they think I should be. Im the clown; the dumb blonde, the fool the weakling - just to name a few roles - I never expose my intellect to anyone. Acting non-threatening to people enables me to hear and see all their secrets or sins. I keep those nuggets in my vault as back-up - just in case they should foolishly consider stabbing me in the back one day. To their detriment they still suffer for it and most of them are clueless as to my involvement into their lives turning so quickly into misery.

Now I know why I am like this...to add to my extensive resume, I also suffer from BDP. Ive made peace with my violent and abusive childhood, including the neglects I suffered.  In short, my childhood was a nightmare. I had to learn to survive and cope outside of my family....also my younger sister is a diagnosed sociopath. Growing up with her taught me a lot about other sociopaths and their malevolent nature towards others. I hate my sister.  She is the embodiment of evil. You might say I'm probably the good version of what a sociopath could be - if ever such a thing existed. 

I went yo university and got my bachelor of arts in psychology. I knew my key to surviving this world and the evils within it was to educate myself with knowledge that would armour me in the wars to come. I needed to understand what motivates them, what drives them? How can I influence anyone as a means to a better end? I do know people ate not objects. I have sincerity and empathy towards everyone.  I dont share that emotionless sociopathic trait with most other sociopaths.  I can only conclude that my sensitivity is the BPD and sociocopathy integration.

The BPD brings with it a whole bunch of othet issues.  I have hyper sensitivity, extreme abandonment issues, tertifying temper tantrums, my destructive behaviour also includes abuse of alcohol  ...just to list a few. 

Ok well here is the current situation:

This woman was targeting my boyfriend. She only targets men in relationdhips, it gives her satisfaction. I don't have yo go into details about what her diabolical reasons are for this behaviour. We were experiencing issues....mainly caused by my BPD. 
As  sociopath, she used all the manipulation techniques:
1. She claimed to be suffering from stomach cancer - playing the victim
2. Allowing him to expose our.most intimate issues to her - giving her ammo to reinforce his reasons to leave me
3. Playing the doting friend and stroking his bruised ego. Constantly telling him he deserves better

Now my boyfriend is a very naive person when it comes to people. He is a wonderful good soul and bevause he does not have a malicious bone in his body, he thinks that everyone else also has sincere i intentions.
All the other things she did intertwined and she probably thought he was caught in her net, because my boyfriend and I was apart for a month. 

He called me one night and told me that he loves me and misses me and we got back together immediately. On confition of course that we eork on our issues...specifically my BDP. I had to share my BDP with him after our last fight, because he could not understand my behaviour which had become worse due to my negligence to control it.

Now obviously this woman got.a huge surprise when she saw us back together. She tried to interfere again, but he did not take the bait.  Part of our agreement was also for him to stop sharing pur personal relationship details with her. He apologized for discussing our personal details with her gor over a year and he undetstood that he was a fool for giving her any ammunition to sabotage my reputation as well as our relationship.  Consequently he ignored her attempts to involve herself and we all know that this rejection infuriated her. She started playing into my BPD. She had ammunition of course...compliments of my boyfriend (Carl) and she started to antagonize me . Very subtly she would stare me down and flirt or text Carl excessively to envoke a violrnt response from me. I tried my best not to fall i yo her trap, and Carl did not believe me. I was imagining things? One night I lost it and almost attacked her violently in the pub. Of course she played the innocent victim and all my other friends said I waz crazy....

Of course we broke up again...and Carl told me that wr are over forever.  Naturally dhe slivered herself onto him again and another month passed and her games to catch him started again.

Well...again he contacted me and we agreed to try again. This time he cried and said that I'm the only love for bim. This proved once and for all that my fears of Carl leaving me for another woman was unfounded.  Somehow I trust in his love fully. He still came back after everything...that can only be true love. Finally I'm secure and I know he will never abandon me again.....

Obviously...het response was shock and horror. I imagine her anger was multiplied. How dare he reject HER for ME?
Carl agreed to intensify his attempts to avoid her. 
She continued her staring down techniques on me, but I was noy bothered.  Actually one night Carl caught her staring me down....she messed up big time. Carl also apologized to me for not believing me previously. 

She then cooled down for a while and I started staring back at her. I made sure she always looked away first. This definitely scared her. Yet she still continued her touching and flirting with Carl.  I started staring her down cause I was adiment to mess witn her. Also...we as a couple make a point of being.excessively physical and happy when she is around or staring....thats been great.. seen her cry a few times...but i can't be sure its a direct consequence of our actions....hmmmm

Anyway last week she had an altercation with another friend of mine...my friend (Joanna) also almost attackef her physically. Joanna was the first to apologise to me for not  believing me previously.  I was so happy....finally it's catching up with this woman.  Soon she will hang herself. 

Her nonsense stopped because she had another married man to target...Joanna and I now ppry discuss her and make fun.of her in public...we laugh at how sad she is to think that she could ever try to mess with us... I think she is probably shitting kittens right now... 
However last night at tbe pub she started staring down again...ppresumably in response to our smear  campaign.... 

I've also told anyone that's interested that she's dating another married man and its become a bit of s joke around the pub.
Ive told everyone she is a sociopath and a attention seeker for lying about her cancer....I've mentioned that ive never seen cancer patients getting fatter as the cancer progresses?
So im working my way through specific communication channels.....

Finally I'm done playing nice. I've already downloaded a secret video recording app. I'm gonna catch her on camera the next time she tries her shit.

At last after all of this (Sorry for the long letter)...how can I effectively challenge her stare downs.  I need an emotional outburst...crying or whatever..  

Any advice please?

PS...Please excuse any spelling errors....sent this msg from my phone...tx


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Find something better to do with your life. That's my serious advice to you. Be productive person of the society. 

(For others who don't want to waste time, two phycho girls fighting over a guy. And this one sounds like a bigger psycho.) 

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She mad


I was gonna tell her to dunk other girl into custard. 


You you do something one time and never stop getting reminded.


I thought it would be a good advice. It worked for you. 


Nope i got the guy through my personality and looks, not because i whopped a girls ass. 


I agree with you because technically you didn't whoop her ass. ;) 


How do you mean? I won the situation hun, so she did get her ass whoped. 


Thanks. She wrote a book! 


It was a slow day at work. I almost gave up quarter way through. 

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I’m not sure what BDP stands for but I’m assuming it’s borderline personality (?). I’m not a fan of labels in daily life. They’re useful in a treatment context, but in daily life can easily become a crutch and an excuse for bad behavior. I'm a strong believer of people rising above their limitations rather than spiraling down around them. 

You didn’t clearly say why you and your bf were apart for a month, but I gather it’s got something to do with the BDP. I think the bigger problem you have is with this guy’s level of commitment to you. Forget the other woman. She’s a minor detail, like a subplot the screenwriter will ignore when s/he adapts the novel into a movie. If I were you I’d sit down with the guy and have a very important conversation of what it means to be in a relationship with a borderline (if that’s what the BDP was). It’s not a walk-in the park as I’m sure you know and whole books have been written about it. If the guy is not fully up for it, let him go. You’ll be saving yourself a lot of heartache down the road. If he is, he’ll have to show the level of maturity it takes, and that excludes sharing personal details with strangers or flirting for the sake of drama and excitement. 

And no, I don’t think you’re a sociopath. You said you have empathy. Sociopaths don’t. Usually two siblings of a traumatic childhood tend to go to polar opposites. So even if you understand your sister, that doesn’t mean you’re like her. 

Like the previous comment suggested, focus on being productive and moving forward. Don’t get stuck on tiny ripples but swim past them. They may seem big now, but some day when you look back you’ll realize they weren’t. 

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