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my mom found out i got dunked in custard yesterday when she had my friend/sis mel's mom round with mel herself. We sat down stairs when my mom had asked if there was any drama with me recently, to which i looked at mel with a funny look. My mom then nagged me to tell her, i refused and asked mel too. 

 and in the supportive parent way.. happily wet herself laughing when my mel gave her the details, especially the fact it was jessica. My cheeks just went red lol, she was especially amused by the toe stomp. 

"You must be mortified, like jessica? That tiny one"

Yep thanks momma, gotta love her. She was just sat with her glass of wine giggling away. Should of worn closed shoes apparently..

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4 Answers

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How's the OVERblouse and UNDERblouse. I'm assuming the pants match.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,834,911 points)

What do you mean


There's another member who has got problems with Mom. It's an in joke.


Oh lol, no probs. 

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Mum's huh. Leave home now while you still know everything 

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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Woudnt go that far, and i dont know much about the world but shes irritating me with this. 

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At least she agrees with us.  It was funny!

by (1,422,410 points)

I dont find it funny, she asked why i let her do it? I said obviously I didjt let her. Then when she found out about the toe stomp it seemed to tickle her somewhat. Shes messaged me today asking if i want any custard for pudding or am i still full. 


Lol.  I like your mothers sense of humor.  


Is it appropriate for my mother to be so unsportive? And accusing me of asking for it? Is it good parenting no?


I think so.  Appropriate parenting I mean.  It is not your mothers job to support you  no matter how stupid that you act.  You didn't get hurt, just wounded your ego, which could probably stand a little deflating, your mother knows that.  She would have probably been more supportive if it were actually important.


I didnt behave stupidly tbh, what do you mean my ego was deflated?


Just let me know what you mean :)


Once again, you started a fight over a guy, him talking to some other girl, and your ego thinks that you are tough, mean, and gorgeous.  Losing a fight would normally deflate a persons ego.  But your ego seems pretty immune to deflation.


Starting a fight because a friend of yours is talking to someone you don't like is pretty stupid.  Sorry about that.


Im just being honest tbh. How did i lose? I got the guy so my mom is very harsh. And beig a bad parent. 


You lost the fight.  Unless eating custard was a prize for the winner.  

You may have won the guy, but you might have got the same reward by keeping your face clean.

A good parent can be harsh.  And certainly laugh. 


What do you mean eating custard? Lol


You know, open mouth, stick face in bucket of custard, fill mouth, swallow.  Repeat.


Yes - because i couldn't breathe dude. So obviously it goes in, as i try and breathe. I didnt want to eat it, I coudnt get myself up as in push out of it she had my head plunged in the bucket she only let go because she was asked 3 or 4 times to by her friends.

But i certianly didnt want to eat custard.


So you lost.


How do you mean? That dosent make sense dude.


One more time.

Who started the fight?  You.

Who got their face shoved in the custard?  You

Who ran away to wipe you face and put on makeup?  You

Who lost?  You.

Get a grip on reality.   You are worse than donald j trump.


Dunk dosent necessary mean i lost. I pulled her hair and made her scream :). 


In every contest, there is a winner and loser.  In this contest the loser was in the custard.  Screaming is just halfway through and means little unless the scream was to stop.


Yes but i hurt her she didnt hurt me. Thats the difference. I was in the custard but that wasnt part of the fight.

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LOL one day you'll be old enough to be having wine with mom, and laugh about this story 10 years from now.... :)

by (181,940 points)

Im 19 - i often drink with her. But she's not stopped with the jokes. "Simpson" is the latest one my sisters find it the funniest. Thought theyd care. 

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