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I just dont think things would work out between us, and i feel really bad. Hes a really kind guy, but we are too different and i feel as if i need to protect him from me. 

I feel as if we would be a car crash waiting to happen, like i said last week the other guy (the good looking one) is also caring in his own way, although he has irritating jokes about me. But this guy is sensitive and kind and caring wants to comfort me and look after me constantly for example with the dunk he tells me im great and not to worry. 

But just little things like he worries whenever another guy messages me, or tells me he think i am pretty. He gets too worried when i am angry and he is also studying for long hours a day and we lack in common interests. 

I like my sports, hair, makeup quite a girly girl where as he is very academic and quiet. 

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3 Answers

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Tell him your differences created an initial spark and could complement each other in some ways, but overall in the long run you would clash too much.  The differences would cause friction and discomfort for both of you and it's better to avoid that altogether.  Highlight his good qualities, like you did here, and tell him that someone else will be very happy to find those qualities in a partner.  And tell him he's cute.. everyone could use that kind of confidence boost xD

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Tell him you have considered his application carefully but on this occasion he has been unsuccessful.

Life is what you make it.

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Thats very cruel.. he didnt even laugh at me for being dunked so im not doing that to him.

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There is no easy way.  No gentle way.  Guys are not subtle and hints won't work.  Guys always want to see a glimmer of hope.

Trust me, as a guy who knows rejection well, the best plan is to be brutally honest.  Maybe a bit harsh.

Just tell him it isn't happening.  He doesn't spark you at all and you want him to know it before either of you wastes any more time.  Maybe later in your life, you will value what he is, but not now and not in the foreseeable future.  

Then he can move on, find someone that likes what he is offering, and you can too.

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Suppose, hes gonna be crushed. 


Crushed is the way of life for us caring, nerdy types.  It happens all the time.  He will get used to it sooner or later.  Best to have a clean break, where he can hate you just a bit, than to have lingering hope for a lost cause.

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