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(35M)boyfriend  threaten to break up with me (27F)bc of a not close girl fd? What should I do?Why he did that?

Here’s the thing,I feel like he is hiding me from his gals fd(details see the remarks below)so we had big fight on 2nd May. That was the worst heartbreak to I ever had!!However I decide to let it go at the end.

(Please read the remarks first)

Around 10th May he texted me and emphasized that he went to the climbing gym Alone.Then I asked him that are u mad at me ?Few hrs later he responded to me No,he just felt sad.We talked abt this at night and he told me that he feel sad if he don’t invite her to climb,she is nice bla bla….My responded to him was I really don’t mind that u spend ur time with you fd.The things that I can’t accept is ppl lie to me , make up excuses or hiding something

Few days later,we planned go climbing tgt and he texted me that he invited that gal too. I don’t understand and I never hv an idea that I wanna meet her or I never never ask him to stop inviting or seeing her , I don’t hv any idea of what my b fd can do sth for me  ….I feel strange so I think I should better not join them. 

Until last nite,he told me that gal texted he will come too. I dunno why I feel down and wanna avoid to see her so I was not in mood to climb . And I can see his face was unpleasant. I don’t understand that he has me to go with and he knows lot of fds at the gym too why he still always wanna invite her? At the end,she didn’t show up and we left. He became mad at me and shouted she was his fd, he will not stop seeing her or talking to her, he has no feeling for her, if I don’t trust him then I should break up with him bla bla and mentioned again I should break up with him. That’s really hurt! 

First of all, I never never ask him not to talk or see her ! Second, he is the one asked me not to threaten break up but he did this to me. I couldn’t help tearing. In fact, I’m a happy and strong girl but he is the one always make me tears again and again. Also when he saw me cried, he never tried to clam me down and just let me to keep crying. If u were me, what will u do?or what can I do?I really sad I don’t wanna bc of those small things to keep damaging our relationship…..So I texted him that I’m sorry , u should go climbing with that gal whenever u want next morning!(I’m not mad I just wanna do what he wants) as I had dinner with my fds so I didn’t meet with my boyfriend on friday night.I texted him that I’m home but he didn’t try to give me a call! Until I finished the shower and texted him asked he will call me and will see me or not tmr!!! Btw I told him last sat but he didn’t rmb. Even I dyed my hair on Mother’s Day I was keeping sending him my pics and just few days later, he asked me did I plan to dye my hair on sat?Anyway should I break up with him?None of my exs said break up those two words to me!! He never understand how I feel even I expressed my feelings to him! Why? I don’t hv solution for that or what I want he to do! I just wanna know the reason why only!Why he treats me like that?


To reaffirm, I’m not saying really eager to I wanna meet his fds Also Im independent gal I don’t want be with him everytime but I just feel he is hiding me from his gals fds...I just wanna know the reason why he did that.  Also it seems his friends is more I mportant than me. I do think that no need to control ur partner ‘s thoughts orbehaviours. I really don’t understand... why my guy fds who I didn’t see them very often, or my pursuers they would love to invite me to join them when they r hving dinner with their friends or co-workers... why? wt is the reason behind him?

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if you and your boyfriend had plans for a date for just the two of you then that is it ! if he wants to and pities another woman and wants her to come along too then he should ask your permission for her to go too ! if you say NO then she should not come along on the two of you date ! if he insists that she goes with him everywhere , then  he likes her and you need to find a more mature and mannerly man then this boy is ! Thanks

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