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Try to imagine that u two hv the same hobby. eg go climbing.And ur partner took initiative in make a male/female fd at the climbing gym 

At first u thought he/she goes there everytime alone. Until one day, u found his/her phone has other guy/gal video accidentally (but he/she never took any video/pic when u do the climb )So u asked him/her what is that. Ur partner told u ohh nth it wasn’t film recently but the fact is that video was took only 2/3days ago. And then ur partner explained he/she just don’t wanna go to climbing alone so he/she invite each other every time when they go there. So u believed what he/she said and so u told ur partner to hv fun when they go climbing tgt everytime. ur partner go there at least twice a week and spend more that 2hrs at there.

Besides, he/she managed to go climbing with him/her at AM and go with u at PM. 

Recently u just realised that even his/her other fds or co worker join him to climb but he will invite that single guy/gal fd too. When u asked why u were not invited and ur partner told u just bc he/she wanna keep his/her personal life with those ppl who r not close (btw u two dating for 4mths at this moment ) when u look back, sometimes u stayed over at his/her place. And he/she planned to go climbing next morning. He/she never invite u to join even he /she know that u hv no plan or get nth to do. So u stayed at his/her place and do ur own things to wait him/her to come back. ur heartbroken but u decided to let go coz u wanna this relationship work out. 

One weeks later, ur partner texted u and emphasized that went to the climbing gym Alone.Then u asked him/her that are u mad at me ?Few hrs later he/she responded to me No,just felt sad. So u two talked abt this at night and then ur partner told u that he/she feel sad if he/she don’t invite her to climb,she is nice bla bla…ur responded to it was I really don’t mind that u spend ur time with you fd.The things that I can’t accept is ppl lie to me , make up excuses or hiding something. 

Just do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you. 

Few days later, u two planned go climbing tgt on sun and ur partner texted u that he/she invited that single fd too. Will u feel that u don’t understand ? Coz u never hv an idea that u wanna meet up with this fd of his/her ‘s. Also ur partner hv u to go with and u found ur partner know lots of ppl at the gym coz they talked to ur partner when they meet each other. Ur partner is not alone or not no one to go with. Also why ur partner always love to bring up this person in front of u. So u talked to ur partner how u feel and u prefer not to join them(ur partner & this single fd)

last nite,u two go climbing tgt as usual and ur partner told u this single fd texted that will join too. 

I really wanna know if u were me, u can pretend nth happened and make fd with this single fd ?What will u do ? Or What can u do? How is ur feeling abt this?

So here is our story:

When I know she will join. I dunno why i feel down and I feel like I wanna avoid to see her. Also I was not in mood to climb too bc I saw my b fd showed his unpleasant face to me. At the end,she didn’t show up and we left. My b fd became mad at me and shouted she was his fd, she is nice ,he will not stop seeing her or talking to her, he has no feeling for her, if I don’t trust him then I should break up with him bla bla and mentioned again I should break up with him. That’s really hurt me again !!!!!

First of all, I never never ask him not to talk ,see or invite her! Second, he is the one asked me not to threaten break up but he did this to me. Third I never tell him that I wanna meet her! I couldn’t help tearing. In fact, I’m an easy going , happy and strong girl but he is the one always make me tears again and again. Also when he saw me cried, he never tried to clam me down and just let me to keep crying every time. If u were me, what will u do?or what can I do?I really sad I don’t wanna bc of small things to keep damaging our relationship. For me I just feel I need time to heal my heart so I don’t think that I can put my happy face and pretend nth happen to see her at this moment!maybe meet here later but not now!!

So I texted him that I’m sorry , u should go climbing with that gal whenever u want next morning! I’m not mad I just wanna do what he wants and make him happy ) 

As I had dinner with my fds so I didn’t see my boyfriend after work [also he has tennis practice every Friday night, that’s why I made plan for myself. Btw I told him my plan last sat but he didn’t rmb.Even I dyed my hair on Mother’s Day(change to different colour ) I was keeping sending him my pics when I was doing my hair and just few days later, he asked me did I plan to dye my hair on sat? ]Anyway I texted him that I’m home but he didn’t try to give me a call! Until I finished the shower and I texted him first and asked will he call me and see me or not tmr!!!Anyway should I break up with him?None of my exs said break up those two words to me before !! I don’t hv solution for this or what I want he to do! I just wanna know the reason why only!Why he treats me like that?

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Gosh that was some read...

Listen, this situation is making you unhappy, insecure and needy, it's not supposed to be that way in the short time you've been seeing him. It's still heart flutters and tummy butterflies time yet you're crying and bubbling about some gal 

Yes break up with him what's the point in being with someone who makes you miserable. You may be happy as a puppy when he is paying attention to you but it's not getting you through the day 

And it's nothing to do with that "fd" its the 2 of you are not compatible.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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