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5 Answers

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No but I'm not against it.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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No, and I'm not against it for extreme conditions, such as accident victims. For all other cosmetic reasons, I find it very risky. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Not yet, but I don’t discard the possibility one day, as long as I had plenty of money to splurge,  which I definitely don’t as of now. I look decent enough, so even if I did have shiploads of money, plastic surgery would rank pretty low in my priority scale, probably lower than making a charitable donation (which I bet would make me feel a lot better about myself than altering my physique). But, God forbid, if I were to become disfigured, I’d scrape up the money to get plastic surgery. Seriously. 

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No. Why? Are you considering it? 

by (324,920 points)

I have had a plastic surgery procedure about a year and a half ago. 


Better be bigger boobs :) 


Lol no, it was not that. I could've done that, but I really have no desire to. 

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No.  But I probably will.  I have deep set eyes.  And droopy eyelids. I can see my eyebrows.  The drs tell me if it gets much worse, i should get the extra skin taken out so that I can see.

Or I may die first.

by (1,395,070 points)

My grandmother had to have that done as well for her eyelids. She is older than you, if that makes you feel better lol. 


Not much.. I will be older when it is done.  The insurance won't pay until I cannot see at all.  Lol.


Lol jeeze

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