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Time for a quick fast.

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5 Answers

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Because starvation causes chemical changes in the brain, and sometimes you can see visions.  

Religious people like to think that the visions are from god.

Some mushrooms have a similar effect.

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Im not sure but I know Catholics do this around religious holidays, for example before Easter, as a way to do the same as Christ did. Im sure there are hallucinations from fasting long petiods of time. But people do this in different ways for the diff age groups because of health reasons. 

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Because religious people like to suck the joy out of life. 

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Here's my theory. I believe that religious leaders made up shit stories about fasting so people wouldn't spend money on food and would rather donate it. And then religious leaders can build palaces and roam around in silk robes.

Or that the practice of fasting comes from the idea that skipping meal once in a while could be good for your health. It gives the rest to your organs. 

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If your stomach is full you will be more interested in matters of the world and pleasures of the senses and less in God. So most religions prescribe fasts. However, if you are too hungry also it will be difficult to think of God, so the middle path is recommended by  the enlightened

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