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The hair incident happened to a work friend of mine at a cafeteria like restaurant in downtown Newark, NJ. She removed the hair in her sandwich, but I forget if she ate it all or just part if it. I would have brought it up and gotten a new one. 

   My worst experience at a restaurant, was getting sick after having a fish meal, at home. 

   Best, was being given a new meal when salmon I had ordered in a Columbus restaurant was undercooked. Not only was a new meal given, they gave me a slice of  tall chocolate cake to take home. That was at Cap City Diner. This is a really nice dining place, despite the name, not really a typical diner type place. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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I would say the best experiences were the three Michelin star restaurants. There's a reason why these restaurants are top of the list. Everything is to perfection, including things you wouldn't even notice. 

As for one of the worst, I would say Rats at the grounds of sculpture. It's highly overrated.

I can't think of a time at this moment when I got hair or such in my food. 

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I was supposed to go the the Grounds of Sculpture with the daughters and boyfriend, but they said it was too far (an hour). Ill see it before I leave, it looks very nice. I heard Rats was supposed to be good. Food not good? 

   Have never been to the three Michellin star restaurants. The only top restaurant Ive been to was Sardi's in NY, looong time ago. But it was great. 


Grounds of sculptures is a good place. We always find it food place to visit on a Sunday for a relaxed walk. I do recommend it if you are into arts. 

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Best: When someone else is paying the bill.

Worst: When I'm paying.

I like free food.

Life is what you make it.

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Hahaha!!  You remind me of one of my daughters with the same attitude. But she loves to be pampered too. 

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Worst ---Red Lobster, they brought to our table, cold food.

Best -- O'Charley

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