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how to get there (and remembered!) or drove around until you figured it out. As an adult, you called AAA to get your travel maps!

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3 Answers

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We still do that. I have maps of all 50 states. Every one in a while we will take out those maps and drive around. Randomly finding places that otherwise we wouldn't have. 

But times are different and we must accept it.

Our forefathers rode horses or means. They didn't even have cars. 

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But what about walking using the mighty feet?

That is how we got around.

Walking miles to school, having to climb over stalled trains.

If lucky and you had the monies, you could have the honor of a bus ride.


Yep. Times have changed and all we can do is be nostalgic about it 

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I use GPS with a grain of salt. You never know when it’s going to tell you to turn left off a cliff. 

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I never understood people who ended down the cliff or into lake because GPS said so. Were they not looking out of windshield what's ahead?


I know, right? 

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Maps are good if you know which routes have less traffic or lights. In case you are anywhere  you can see which highway is best to get in to reach some point. I need

I need a gps and depend on them for long distances. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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