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in Wildlife by (4,272,141 points)

4 Answers

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Interesting but did the bear shit??? that would answer the age old  question 

by (3,115,530 points)

he did that in the woods, don't ya know?

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Holy! I imagine the family that lived there was gone? I would have passed out seeing him there in a closet. In Montana, why dont people bolt their doors? That's bear country. 

by (1,251,750 points)
+1 vote

Aw! Poor guy. Imagine how scared he was when he realized he couldn't get back outside. At least they didn't shoot him....

by (2,503,470 points)

I dont think they'd shoot him unless he attacked someone. They did tranquilize him, though, of course. 

+2 votes

Interesting.  I wonder how he got up there.  The shelves in my wardrobe will not support that kind of weight.  

When I lived in Colorado, my neighbor just got back from shopping for food, had parked the car next to the house and was unloading bags.  She left the door open as she went inside.  When she came back out, a black bear had found the open door and was inside looking for good things to eat.  Unfortunately, the bear thought that the seat cushions might have food in them too.  The woman had no choice but to wait until the bear left, sort out the unbitten food, and go back to the store. 

Next day she got to get new seats.

by (1,610,710 points)
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