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Everyone has ha price or do they.  On a long flight what if anything would it ake to get you to exchange a seat with leg room for a Coach Seat?  Do you have a price?

Cam Newton offered a guy $1500 for his and was turned down.

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3 Answers

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Wow great Q. I'm tall with long legs so leg room would be important but I'm skint and if I was on a long flight it would be because I used money that could have been better spent.

Oh decisions  I'll take the money lol.

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For a long distance flight, probably not. Then again, maybe I would for the price of upgraded class seats.

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It was Cam Newton who booked a coach seat.  I have no sympathy for the jerk


I am indifferent to him. But yes, it does depends on people. 


I understand that his original first class flight was cancelled and that coach seat on the next flight was all he could get.  So he tried to buy the guy's seat out from under him.


I have no sympathy, 1st class starts at 2K, day of seats 6K better.  At 1500 he is being very insulting, just saying.

Wudaddy good seeing you back

Thanks.  I'm trying to have more of a presence.
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Being cheap,  I fly coach all the time.  I also have short legs so it isn't painful to sit in coach.   Uncomfortable, but not painful.  

But I have been looking at the price of legroom.  It isn't that expensive usually.  So if I had sprung for comfort, I would be willing to negotiate.  $1500 was the opening bid.  I probably would have taken it.  But I would have tried for 2K.

I would have expected Mr. Newton to be able to fly first class.  They pay him pretty well to play that game.

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You and me both on his income and flight choices

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