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1. Ignore the star and keep walking

2. Politely say hello but respect their privacy 

3. Ask for an autograph

4. Drop  your jaw and say "I love you!"

5. Offer a critique of the star's work

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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That happened to me once. I smiled and said "I really love your work!" as I walked past him.  He smiled back and said "thank you!" over his shoulder as he kept walking.  (I guess that's a combination of numbers 2 and 4.) 

The celebrity I saw was British actor Robert Lindsay.  smilie_love_025.gif
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Nice.  Ive not seen him yet in anything, maybe I have, but dont know the name.


Robert Lindsay is THE SHIT!!!!!!!  Ever see the old Brit sitcoms Citizen Smith or Nightengales? God, he's hilarious....and a great dramatic actor, too. He won a best actor BAFTA for GBH - he was amazing in that. 


No, havent watched that! The only Brit shows I watched were Faulty Towers and Keeping Up Appearances. There was another one, very funny about two 2 older gay men living together, but I forget the name. 

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Number one.  

I saw Red Skelton walking down the street in Reno while I was in school.  My impulse was to stop and try to talk to him, but figured that would be annoying, so I walked on.

I still think it was the right thing to do.

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My father loved him and watched him every Sunday.

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Number one, I have met a number of these folks for work.  The number one complaint is being disturbed in public.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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1 or 2. If I was walking by and it wasn't out of my way  I might say good morning, the same as I do to many people I pass on the street.

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I'd do 2. 

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Seen quite a few. I have usually ignored and walked past. Was in the elevator once with Denise Richards, just two of us. Long 30 floors ride that was. Trying very hard to not look that way.


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Now, are you sure it was her???   JK!  I know some teachers who look like her!


Yep, celebrities were very common where I worked. So common that there were always some paparazzi outside 5he building. Usually they have escorts with them. She was alone though. 


While living in NYC, we did spot a few. My biggest memory,  Barbara Streisand campaigning for Bella Abzug, for mayor then. Her skin was like porcelain. 


Fabulous life of rich and famous!

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