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The last time I sent one out was 2 days ago.

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closed with the note: Mass mailing is working
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I got it 2 days ago, twice 

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Thanks GB. That's what I needed to know. And confirms there isn't a problem.

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I believe so, but don't know if it is weekly.  I get them fairly often

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Thanks. I don't send them out every week. Although I should.

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It gets to my mailbox every week.  Thanks, Blue!

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Thanks Media. Would you mind just confirming you received this weeks newsletter which I sent out 2 days ago as I am checking if this is a new issue I need to look into.



    This is closed now, but Ive not seen a weekly newsletter. Should I be getting one in an email?  


I don't send them out every week to be honest.


Where do they appear? I have not seen one, unless they are in a specific place and Im not looking at it. 


Don't worry about it.


Well, I am now worrying about it. I didn't get it either. I didn't make the secret society :(


Have you ever received the newsletter via email 53?


Yeah, actually last one was March 24th. 

Btw, not stressing about it. Was just kidding. 


Thanks. I would like to get this resolved anyway. As you received one in March that rules out any upgrades I've done. I will try lowering the mail per minute limit see if that works. What prompted my question is my other profiles are not receiving the newsletter either but have been up until recently.


I will look for an email dated March 24th. I hope to see it. 


Looks like it's an email address of a member that is being rejected and so stopping the mass mailing at that point. I'm going through all the members profiles and deleting/approving as appropriate as some registrations are spam.

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