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There is a guy who admittedly has a crush on me. Last time we met at my cousin’s place at a party. My cousin is 3 years older than me and obviously a boy…

So at this party the guy, having a crush on me - name him Paul - just came to me quite disturbed and asked if I felt more towards my cousin than I should towards a family member… I was shocked and asked him how is this coming from. He said he can see by my looks and gentle touches, how jealously I’m eyeing my cousin’s girlfriend… When I said it makes no sense he retreated that he just had a strong feeling, a sixth sense or whatever we call it. I asked if he could see this only coming from my side or what about my cousin, how did he see his reactions? He quickly replied that ‘No, how could he, he’s got a girlfriend.’

I was scared by his vehemence and confessed that I might have had some feelings for my cousin but years ago when we barely knew each other…(And I haven’t made it up, bc Paul was one of the quite a few persons who noticed last year how much tension we have with my cousin and asked if we’re cousins for real, bc we’re acting so different.)

How is this possible? Do you think people can notice this kind of behaviour only if both people are involved or is it for real that he only could see these ‘reactions’, looks, touches coming from my side but not my cousin as well?

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Ps. Sorry for my English! :D

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Yes people can see this sort of thing but can interprete it wrong. Lots of people show affection for a cousin or aunt or relative in a genuine but innocent way. If it was a problem your cousins GF would say something to make it stop 

Your Paul/Peter has green eyed monster syndrome and he needs to be put straight. And just one last thing, boys that get so jealous they lose a sense i6f reality do not make good boyfriends 

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Thank you for your reply, but I still don't get why would someone make up such things?:/ Do you think Paul was jealous of something maybe?


Yes that's what I think


What do you think Paul was trying to achieve behaving like this?


Nothing, jealousy is an emotion, a very negative one that achieves nothing. Except he has you trying to figure it out


Yes maybe deep down he knows I don't want anything from him. But I still don't get why he accused me of having feelings for my own cousin?

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