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Can we live in a relation without sex? is our relation goes better without intimacy?

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If you are in a romantic situation  w/o  sex what are you doing there?  Sex is the glue that holds these relationships together.  If your partner is not interested or has different appetites for sex, find another partner.  Do not say we can work this out, move them to the curb with the recycling - fast

If this is Friends situation, neighbors, or work situation I surely hope these are not sexual.  It can make for a sticky situation.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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You can survive on bread and water but that's not living.

Life is what you make it.

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Depends on the people involved.

My wife can exist perfectly well without any form of sex.  And has for years.  Decades really.  She really hates everything that has to do with the male body.  Rumor has it that she has in the distant past performed some self sex.

To me, it is wildly important.  Yes I am so frustrated that my eyes are crossed.  I would go elsewhere for sex if I could have found anyone who liked it.  Yes, I am a pathetic looser.  

Anyway, if neither party cares about sex, it is a relationship formed in heaven.  If both parties like sex, you are blessed by what ever gods you believe in.

If only one of you is interested in sex, prepare for a living hell.  Just live alone and engage in self sex and be done with it.  Unless there is a lot of money involved.  Lol.

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Wellone what are you still doing there?


It is a long depressing story and displays several of my character faults.  I made some bad decisions early on and then compounded them.  And here I am, an old fat guy waiting for it to end.




Wellone sorry to hear.  Early on I threw a number of women to the curb because of there "weak-failing" desires for sex.  I almost married on and dodged that bullet.  The Ex at least had a great desire, however I had competition from her Laptop.  She was a Workaholic, though she did schedule sex in her Dayplanner.


Lol.  I seem to have attracted women, or been attracted to, that really didn't like sex.  And finally found one who seemed to want to get naked.  In a moment of weakness, probably because I was not horny, I agreed to marry her.

But, alas, it was a lie.  I suspected that I had been had, when I didn't get screwed on my wedding night.  I accepted the story that we were tired and drunk.  But it was the first indication to her that she could say no.  For a long time I thought it might just be me.  We did counseling etc.    

It's a long story.


Moorelolly, thanks.  Thats what I said.  More or less.

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Yes, I would say it is for a couple who are romantically involved. It is an important part of a healthy relationship.  Unless one of them is sick or cannot have sex for whatever reason, it should be considered high on the list for the relationship to continue. And if there are any problems, a sex therapist can help. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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