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Hi i am 21 F and have been talking to this this guy that i know from college, i have told him that i want to hookup with him we have made out before but we didnt have sex yet.  

Recently,i have been avoiding whenever he calls me,i usually send him a sexy snap or a picture ,because i dont want to have long conversations over call so i dont pick his calls. 

Yesterday i sent him a sexy pic vid of mine, after which he called and i didnt pick up and then out of no where he blocked me on whatsapp.

I know he has a little anger issues and some attitude problem but that doesnt give him the right to block me if i wasnt picking his calls or calling him. 

Iwm still interested in him,he has not blocked me on his number ,he only blocked me on whatsapp where i was sending him my pics and vids. 

Is he playing games? How should i make this work cause i really want to hookup with him

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1 Answer

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A repeated post???

Oh yeah, I got it....

Not enough answers?

No one understands what you be saying?

That man wants you to want him?

You have NEVER experienced being a teaser before?

You got a right to post your same ole problem..... just like playing the same ole song over and over????

It happened late one night?

You thought the color was red but it was orange?

Only you know the pain that lives within your pictures of want him want me to be lowdown to him???

And on and on ...The Merry ride goes!

Got IT!


What do you mean? Listen i really dont understand what happened to him why did he block me i mean 

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