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+3 votes

Marriage can be pretty brutal.

in Just For Fun by (3,881,921 points)

3 Answers

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No experience but I hear divorce can be worst. 
by (324,920 points)
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When you get fired, you can always have hope that things will get better.

When you get married, there is no hope that things will get better.  They may stay the same initially, but things will get worse.

by (1,447,350 points)
+1 vote

Either can be a blessing or a curse.  Neither one is the end of the world, though some feel it might be. 

A. If a marriage is bad once always has the option of moving their partner to the curb  for recycling.  Marriage is 4 parts:

1. Lovers

2. Roommates

3. Business Partners - yea a household is business

4. Friends

Marriages go south because most only see the Lover and ignore the other three (3) areas. So it is up to the individual to make it into a blessing or a curse.

B.  Getting fired is not the lot it used to be in this age of corporate restructuring.  The first task of anyone on day 1 of a new job is updating ones CV (Resume),  It is a curse if one is not prepared for an involuntary separation.  If one is prepared and looking to where the ball is going and not where it has been it may be a blessing 

by (2,839,220 points)
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