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+2 votes

So why does he have nuclear weapons codes?

in In the News by (2,927,370 points)

4 Answers

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He’s lying. One of his very first acts upon taking office was over-turning an Obama administration rule which prohibited mentally ill people from legally purchasing firearms. Think of it  - his very first act upon taking office. THAT was his priority. Obviously Trump has no problem with the violently insane buying guns at the local Walmart - he’s just trying assuage the anger of sane Americans for the moment. 

by (2,342,780 points)

 tRump lying is knowing day comes after night 

+1 vote

I dunno. What he hasn't thought through is the fact that a mentally ill person could potentially stop a mass shooting if they were carrying. Using Trump's and the NRA's logic.

by (3,881,921 points)

You know you are right, I was tounge in cheek but you made me stop and think. Mental health issues doesn't equal a mass shooter. 

Thanks for making me think.


lol No problem.

+1 vote

Well, I certainly hope HE doesn't own a gun. 

by (932,750 points)

He is the commander in chief. He doesn't need a gun. He has the military. 


Male, what I meant was, HE is dangerous, somewhat insane, etc., and so with a gun he'd go batshit crazy. 

I agree. And he will cause damage at much larger scale with control of military. 

Now that is scary. 

+3 votes

Actually, that is a lie.  The insane, mentally ill, and dangerous are his base.  He loves those folks.

by (1,447,350 points)
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