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Trump targets legal migrants who get food aid. The people that need it the most.

in Politics by (3,881,921 points)

5 Answers

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Hey what about the UK? Priti Patel is saying that migrants need to earn 36,000 k to remain.

We dont need 36,000k earners, our children are graduating in great numbers, our children are skilled. We need lower skilled workers to stop our crops rotting in the field. That's why we need freedom of movement by being in the EU, where young people travel for fun and experience and do seasonal work.

We also need carers and social carers which doesn't pay nearly that amount but we dont have the population to fill these posts

This alt right populist  movement will be the ruin of all of us.

Did Priti fucking Patels migrant parents earn 36 k when they came in?

Had to edit this, I didnt articulate properly last night and it sounded really bad.

by (2,927,370 points)

I'm well aware it's not only the US, but that is the overwhelming majority on here.


Yes of course, something I said irk you there? It wasnt my intention I was trying to add to the conversation, sorry if it was clumsy


Not at all. I'm just saying I am aware millionaires at the top are not going to relate to people who rely on food banks. That irks me somewhat.


More of us needs to be irked, we have more power than them 


Well good old Cameron maintained we're all in this together.


And then showed us his heels.

+2 votes

He is a disgrace alright. Im just waiting for karma to get him for all the wrong he's done. And it will be BIG. I think of his presidency this way: he's running again not only because of his inflated ego-- it will also keep him out of jail for another 4 years.  

by (932,750 points)
+1 vote

Well, if you put it that ways then there's no disagreeing with you, is there

by (324,920 points)
+3 votes

The asshole is on record saying that immigrants from Norway are good and he would like to see more of them.  He likes blonds, see Ivanka, although that is a bottle blond.  He just hates colors that are not white.

by (1,447,350 points)
+1 vote

Did you read the latest... apparently he has been making a lot of comments about good looking men. Especially those in uniform. 

by (324,920 points)
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