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+2 votes

Me in order: comedy, thrillers, and horror. 

in Entertainment by (933,440 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

Crime, thrillers and historical 

by (2,927,870 points)

I do like historical documentaries but odd enough not movies. Not sure why, but I think part of it is, historical events may not always be truthful in the eyes of the media or whoever is interpreting what happened.

+1 vote

Porn movies. They rarely disappoint. 

by (324,920 points)

So, no Mary Poppins for you! 


Sure, that too.

Naah, not really into porn. Just having fun with your question.

Mary Poppins was the first Broadway show I saw. Was amazing... Couldn't control the excitement. 


When was that? 

   My first was Les Miserables. It was great, but very long. Maybe 4 hours. 


It was almost 8 years ago. I think they took it off Broadway and now it's back. I highly recommend it 

+2 votes

I like a good action movie. Falling asleep at the cinema is not a good sign. I'm also a sucker for a feel good movie or a movie that stirs the emotions. Message in a Bottle is a rarity as it has a sad ending. Recently I've been watching a few horror movies, Brightburn being one. A twist on the Superman idea.

by (3,882,361 points)

I havent heard of Brightburn here. Will have to look for it. 

    If you like feel good movies,  you should see The Holiday, with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz. It was really good. Old one. Have you seen Forrest Gump? Or Cast Away. Those are some I thought were pretty good. 

    You cant go wrong with The Fugitive with Harrison Ford. Action packed. 

+1 vote

I love sci-fi, fantasy and action. I'm a sucker for those big epic pieces of fluff like the Avengers or Transformers movies. The more shit blows up, the better I like it. 

by (2,343,260 points)

I like Sci Fi films like Hereafter, and The Shape of Water. Loved them both. My daughter's boyfriend's was one of the art directors  in the Avengers  (the most recent). Ive never seen it.  

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