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I always have pain within my feet, when i had my fight where ingot dunked my foot got stomped on, and i coudnt put loads of weight on it for like days after wards and it seemed easily bruised?

Why is this?

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3 Answers

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It could be the type of shoe you're wearing, too flat is as bad as too high. Also if you're wearing trainers they should fit perfectly and the laces tied tightly to stop any movement.

A great thing for sore feet is getting a golf ball and rolling it back and forth with your feet, and doing stretching when you wake up before you put your feet on the floor 

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Dosent she wear sandals all the time?? also lolly its probably because you got your ugly orange feet stood on. By a dwarf before she drowned you in custard you fool.

Bit harsh there Jack, 

how am i? she asked?


I didnt "jack" leave me alone.

Does the golf ball trick work? Do you think sandals cause the problems?


I'll fitting shoes, too high heels, too flat heels all add to the problem. You're young enough to stop any damage.

My friend is in her 50's and wore high high heels all her life and now she cant walk in flats as it kills her back. My friend has to wear heels indoors to stop her back hurting.

Her shoes are the business though, gorgeous 


That sounds horrible, do you think foot stomp has effected it significantly?


Temporarily I think it will get better


It was months ago, im paranoid somethings broken. I dont know if im being dramatic or not, its unlikely a sneaker wold cause so much pain months on


Well then it's best to go get it checked out to see what's going on


Ok thanks, but like what do i say to the docter. I dont get why it could cause it. 

I cant say what actually happenes to a doc


Tell the doctor someone accidentally stood on your foot and it's still very painful 

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I have one word for you. Custard.

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Feet are complicated.  They have a lot of small bones and ligaments that must all work together perfectly.  So, besides being a woman, women pick shoes for fashion and style not comfort and support, you might have damaged something in the foot stomp.  Maybe cracked a bone, but more likely misaligned something in your foot.  You do need to see a foot doctor.  They may be able to put it back in place or provide some support.  

Foot problems are serious, otherwise you will get old and not be able to stand or walk.

Good luck.

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