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My husband has Neuroendocrine tumours that  started in his bowel and has spread to the lymph nodes and liver. This is a very aggressive small cell cancer so treatment is aggressive chemo which starts next week. 

Chemo for 12 weeks at 3 week intervals then a scan to see whats what. We are not thinking past that 12 weeks but we are not being debbie downer about it either.

So it not all bad.

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Thanks for the update. Not an easy thing to deal with.

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Thanks for the update.  Good luck in the process.  It is good to stay positive, people beat cancers all the time, keep updating us.

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I wish strength for you and your husband, GB. Glad to see aggressive chemo therapy will be used. Thanks for letting us know. 

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Good luck...!

Knowing you and if your husband is also like you, you will fight it right off. Wishing well 

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