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I will be back when things begin to get exciting.  At this time it is hardly any fun.  I am only feeling sorry for poor ole Smokin' Joe after all of his mistakes...  If this is the best those on the LEFT have, it will hardly even be fun telling all of you "I told you so" as I  have done since 2016.  Getting back on track, who thinks China WILL make a deal before the election?  Will be just another feather in the cap of the United States Commander in Chief.

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Your USE of caps lock LEAVES little to BE desired.

Life is what you make it.

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Oh blue you "Rock Star" do not talk the talk unless you can walk the walk... get with the program.   I am  just looking forward to laughing all the way to the White House Again!:)

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Sorry, I’m out of troll food

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I think that there is a good chance that china will agree to a deal before election season.  If the dumpster is true to form, he will agree to the status quo as it was before his causing a problem, then declare victory and proclaim that he made a great deal.  See NAFTA 1.1, North Korea, etc.

First he creates a problem, then he agrees to the way things were before, and declares victory.

Why is it that NAFTA 1.1 has not been approved by congress and taken affect.  The moron has lost interest in it.

But yes.  I think the idiot will agree to something before the election.  He is looking for a way out.

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China will have no choice but to agree to a deal on American terms.    Look at Hong Kong, Look at their economy!  Don't be foolish.  We will make a Great Deal.  The next election is SEALED!


Whatever turns your crank.

China has a lot of choice.  The reason that there is a huge trade imbalance is because we buy more from them than they buy from us.  They can find equivalent products as our all over the world.  True, we represent a huge market for their products, but there is a lot of the world that they can sell to.  And they will not negotiate with a gun to their head.  

Hong kong is a blip on the screen.  If it becomes a problem, china will crush them.  Hong Kong is a part of China you know.

We will get the same deal that we could have gotten 2 years ago, but trumpsky will declare victory and you will toast him with the koolaid.  Except much of the trade will never recover.  Ag products will never return to preasshole levels.  Too many other places to buy that stuff.  Same for equipment.  

I do agree that the next election is sealed.

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Wake China will not make a deal, they cannot afford to with their countries balance sheet.  The accounting has been smoke and mirrors for years.  The supply chains are moving which is a generational shift.  Ok Apple has not made the move.

The real interesting issue is the Trade war between Korea and Japan.  Tht will and is hurting the Trumpster.  I do agree things have been boring around here.  Stop in from time to time I do like your perspective

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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Archer, China has no choice but to make a deal.  Watch!  Granted Korea and Japan may be having at it, but it will not have any effect on the American economy or the re-election status of the American Commander in Chief.


The only thing China will deal on is pork.  Their Swine Herds have been devastated by Swine Flu.  They are buying Argentinian Soy Beans. 

They do need the US Market, however they will not lose face. So no deal will happen, or anything that is meaning ful


I am glad you are able to see reality... the soy bean market will be back to American once the deal is made.  We have better and safer product.  American farmers have been made whole again financially due to China and the tariffs they are paying.  

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Dont worry Wake, I'm sure your dear leader will find a sharpie marker to make you feel safe.

If you see me jogging, kill whatever is chasing me

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Ha Ha that was funny Glas.  I have been too busy, and I only read about the "sharpie" weather incident.  It matters not... Stop Watching so much CNN:) Fake News!!


Trump said he knew nothing about who drew the sharpie line. He was the one who drew that, no doubt. You are extremely naive to believe otherwise. 

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I think he wants to be a new weatherman, from what it seems.  Didnt you see how he argued with the forecasters and said Alabama would be hit by Dorian? They corrected him before he tried to say the forecast was 3 days late, or some nonsense like that to cover himself. I think it was he who drew the Sharpie pen line on the map that included Alabama of course, and made someone else take the blame. 

   He is also "The Chosen One".  Reminds me of the apocalyptic coming of the anti-Christ. 

   And I hear your Momma calling you. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Plllllllease!   just understand like the rest of America.   This President has turned out country around and we are winning again.  


You need a reality check. 

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Well, first of all, regarding China...  Trump said that China has called him about restarting talks over tariffs, and he's encourage because they want to make deals with him.  The only problem with that is that China never called, according to all the people around Trump who would know if they had.  He said it to try to divert attention to all the bad news about how his tariff threats are driving the country towards a recession.

And let's not forget his new role as the Weather Forecaster in Chief.  He canceled a trip to Poland, where he was supposed to honor those who fought in WWII  some 80 years ago so he could "monitor" the progress of and the relief efforts necessary after the hurricane hit.  Hmmph!  Some monitoring.  He did manage to play several rounds of GOLF, though, so if he DID monitor the hurricane, it was from a TV screen in his golf cart.

So what DID he do?  He sees a weather map with the spaghetti lines of predictive models for the path of the hurricane released on August 28.  Then, FOUR DAYS LATER, after which NONE of those lines looked even remotely like the ones on August 28, he tweets that Alabama was going to be hit (much) harder than originally thought.  What a dolt!  He was so incredibly WRONG that it was only 20 minutes before the National Weather services posted a tweet assuring the country that Alabama was in NO DANGER at all from the path of Dorian, which by that time had been well established as turning north along the eastern coast, FAR away from Alabama.

Yet the Forecaster in Chief decided to double down.  So he presents a chart from August 28 at 11:00 a.m. that shows the possible path of the hurricane moving to and ending in central Florida.  The reach of the hurricane's furthest northern point even at that time was northwestern Florida, and that would have been an extreme situation.  But Trump (or one of his mentally deficient minions) took a Sharpie and drew an extra line out from the furthest reach of the original chart to encompass a portion of Alabama.  Laughably, he said this was an official chart.  When questioned about the Sharpie addition, he responded, "I don't know.... I don't know... I don't know."  He sounded like a 9-year old who tells his mom, "I don't know... etc." when she asks his chocolate-smeared self, "Who ate the chocolate cake I left out on the table?"

And then for the next three days, including TODAY, he decided that his sole response to the destruction of Dorian would be more tweets defending his ridiculous claim that Alabama was imperiled.  

THIS is your hero, Wake?  What kind of life are you leading where someone this oafish is your hero?

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Med I love ya bud, but your posts are too long pal.  MAGA!


You're like the President, your idol.  He cannot process complex ideas nor read more than a page at a time.


Ha Ha Ha "your idol"... hello! I am an American Patriot not a dumbass democrat!  Did you see the 9th circuit finally being over-ruled AGAIN by the SCOTUS?  Who you feel is having complexes just continues to WIN!  Pay Attention.  I Can/t WAIT to say I TOLD YOU SO!


You keep saying that.  Keep on saying that, Wake.  You'll be able to wait for many many years.




You have said nothing true, so telling me you told me so about something that is a fantasy of the flight of your mind....?    laughable

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You are smoking MORE and enjoying it LESS.

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I am sorry that you think that smoking is something you can enjoy... you can see it plainly in your persona.   I am healthy and happy.   

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You don't find any of this stuff exciting? By all means go away for awhile and then come back in with your tail between your legs. I don't like to get into any political talk these days. Actual families are being pulled apart from all the hype and bullshit. Right now we are The Divided States of America.  We need to do something about it sooner rather than later.

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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Thunderjean, I've been wondering how you are! So glad to see you back. (((Hug)))

   I agree with you. We are the Divided States of America. 


exciting?  I find it plain ridiculous that the LEFT is doing their best to standing in the way on continuing to Make America Great Again! If you cannot see this winning effort, you are obviously not paying attention or just another Democrat looking for a freebie!  


And if you cant see all the wrong your president has done then you're blind, deaf and dumb as well. Wakebup, will you? You're living in a dream. 


amy you are so just plain dumb.  


I hate to be blunt, but you and people who think like you, are the reason we got stuck for a lunatic for a president. Congrats. 


Very well put Amy. It makes me sick to see all the sheep being led to the slaughter. Ppl don't realize how stupid and unímformed they are. The man has been lying since he was campaigning. Why can't they see how they are being manipulated and lied to? I just don't get that. Idjits!!


Jean it is like a cult. They are blind as bats and just see that jobs are being created and believe him when he says the economy is so great. If it is, why are economical analysts predicting a recession? And why is the deficit tripled since he took office? 

    Their answer:  But Obama,  or  But Hilary. 



Wakef I am not a Democrat. I have never had a "freebie" before and have worked hard all my life, trying to hellp others less fortunate.

Like I said, I try not to get involved in this stuff. I find it useless to say anything. No one is listening. Arguing is useless. No one is listening. 

You are a bit nuts to say the economy is getting better. There have been so many layoffs and  a whole lot got it yesterday. I k0kive in coal country and mines are closing down.trump promised they would be working again soon. Those guys are out of jobs.

You must live in your own world and believe everything he tells you. Sad. I tried to give him a chance but he has let me down again and again. He just told ppl what they wanted to hear. Blank promises.

It really is a shame that the country he is supposed to be working for is getting more and  more  divided. What can we do to fix it before there is another Civil War? I may not know a lot of things but I know what I see. That is all I have to say about that!

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