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No statements to choose from.  But probably a good military.  Much like the spread of christianity in the 16th century.

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No Statements showing.  Now ask yourself:

What about the schism/rift in the late 14th Century, Shia vs Sunni or was Alawhite vs Shis?

Was it the Mamuluks or the Turks?

What was significant about Charlemagne, his grandson and the Reconquest?

What impact did the Feudalism of the Dark Ages have on the spread of Islam if any?

Why was the fall of Constantinople significant?

Answer three of these questions and you will have a decent answer for your term paper.  Or you can translate the following.  I also screwed with it a bit

فمن الضروري، مثلا، تلبية الاحتياجات اوالاقتصادية والفكرية

والثقافية للعلماء والمهندسين المنقولين الذين كانوا

يعملون في الصناعات المتصلة بالأسلحة النووية.

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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