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No girl in their right mind would hand a guy 2grand right if he asked for it?? This guy I know and been seeing says it’s an emergency... and I say NO ...! He says another girl will do it!! But no girl in right mind will correct??

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That is crazy of him to compare you to other girls.

He is just trying to guilt you into it by mentioning someone else.  Don't worry about that tho. It is probably all in his dreams and he couldn't get anyone to do it. How long have you been seeing this Romeo? Is this the first time he has asked for money? You have to be careful because con men are really talented and they know who to pick.

This is nothing against you, but maybe you should make a list of pros and cons. You haven't him given any money yet have you? My bet would be that once he had the  money he would be out of there. You are a smart woman. What do you think you should do? What your mind says and what your heart feels are 2 different things. Know your worth girl.

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Yes he a con big time!!! Forget him

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Actually some people are easily conned out of thousands. Especially if they are desperate for love.

Life is what you make it.

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If your naive. And fall for manipulation. From drug addicts 


Caffeine addicts are the worst. Don't give them any money. It all goes on drugs.


I’m not!!!!!! But he bsing me another girl will correct?? That manipulation

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Yes he is using you and blackmailing you, give him nothing. If another girl is stupid enough that's on her 

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I know !!! But whoever she is! She won’t unless sh has a low self esteem or desperate something like that!! she be stupid too!!

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No person in their right mind would just hand over money.

And, btw, any person in their right mind would block that person out of their mind. 

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He a con , manipulator then correct?! 




He will use every lie trick , excuse in the book to get money!!

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He is probably right.  Some one said something about there being a sucker born every minute.  At least half of those suckers are probably female.  So, he might find someone to give him 2K.  But it isn't a good idea.  There is no reason why that the sucker needs to you.

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Well she must not have a brain if she gives in lol that a lot of money!!!!


That would be true.  But when the opposite sex is involved, I have seen people do some really stupid things.  Done a few myself actually.  

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u'd be surprised at the bimbos roaming America

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