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So my girlfriend and I started dating about 5 months ago, and we fell head over heels for each other very quickly. However, after about two months she started getting really jealous for no reason, and comparing me to her ex-bf. He cheated on and lied to her a bunch of times. She would always compares things that I do to be “cheating” or “liar” like qualities that her ex had, and because of this worries that I will cheat on her all the time. I am getting to the point when I hear about him all the time, and the stuff they used to do together. He broke up with her, but he tried to get back with her and has tried while we have dated, which she has declined. She has all of his information blocked. This was around months 2-3 of the relationship. We are now 5 months in, and she has went from a super loving and fun girlfriend to someone who honestly isn’t a joy to be around at all anymore. Before she was jealous, but now it's like talking to a rock. She’s withdrawn and not at all caring like she used to be, which she sums up to “loving me so much she is just so scared something is going to happen to ruin it”. She has made comments when we first started dating like “my ex and I used to have sex like every day, I was just horny all the time back then”. We were really close so telling each other stuff like this back then wasn’t really a problem. But now when we both don’t have sex for a week and she is really withdrawn, it makes me think like damn is she not attracted to me anymore what happened? I know it’s not all about sex, but when you say you used to do that all the time, and then don’t do it with the person who treats you great and loves you, it makes me think is she not attracted to me, or do I need to become an asshole like he was? I obviously wouldn’t do that, it just hurts. It is just really annoying and I don’t mean to be offensive, but he is a very unattractive guy and overweight. From what I hear he is a loud cocky dude. My girlfriend is beautiful, and if I saw them in public together I would think they must be siblings! My question is how do I help her get over what this guy did to her? And what do I need to do to get her back into being just as in love with me as she was when we started dating? I know she loves me still and always expresses her feeling bad about how she’s been acting, but this is a every weekend ordeal. It goes from being amazing one week to almost breaking up the next. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’m turning into how she was when she was dating her ex. It is insane to think how crazy in love we were for the first two months, and how she has done a total 360 since then. Any advice? I’m 23 and after being in 4 medium length relationships, this is the first time I can say I’m truly in love. So it is something that I really don't want to lose, But everyday I’m becoming more and more bitter due to losing what we had in the beginning, I’m close to breaking up with her but really don’t want to. Any help would be appreciated!


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She wasnt ready for a new relationship and I hate to say it but you're rebound man.

The best thing for you is to say goodbye before she breaks your heart and you take that to a new girl  .

Break the cycle you will be much happier without her.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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She had a rebound after him, she broke up with the toxic dude like a year ago, and rebounded legit right after. She didn't date for a few months after that and then met me. I don't think I'm the rebound, but yeah lol it sure feels like I am sometimes. She talks about going to therapy and stuff, so maybe I'll let her do that? idk :/

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