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One of my cats likes lettuce.  She is a bit strange in that  she seldom likes to be held, but will come up to me very affectionately, purrs and looks for my hand to stroke her, and rubs my hand with her head when I feed her.  She also tries to beat the dog up if he gets in her way which is frequent. 

   My other cat appears to be sick and needs to see the vet next week. :(

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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3 Answers

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My cat Horus will converse with me. I'll ask him a question and he'll "mrow" back to me, then I'll answer him and he'll "mrow" in reply again and on it goes. Exactly like two friends having a back-and-forth conservation.

My cat Bernard is "special" - he's around 14 years old and he acts like he's a kitten. He does so many funny things, I can't even think of them all. 

Both my cats come running when I whistle, just like a dogs would do. 

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 My dog does that when he's whining or sounds like he's grumbling. I answer back and he'll reply.  I swear all he needs are a few consonants and he'll be talking in no time. 

   Horus and Bernard, funny names! 

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They are all pretty funny.

The two cats are sisters, but look nothing alike.  The big fluffy one likes to sit on my chest, but only at breakfast, and doesn't like to be petted.  She just sits there and purrs.  Her sister has homely sister syndrome.  She sits on me when the other one isn't, and likes to be petted and then purrs.  I don't know why I am cat furniture.  Neither like to sit on my wife.

The dogs are food motivated.  They will do anything for something to eat.   They are funny.

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Your big fluffy one sounds like my younger cat.  Doesnt like to be held but loves attention. She also "kneads" places she is at a lot while purring. It looks like shes marching.


Yes.  That may be why she likes my chest.  Nice soft stomach to knead.  She bites my chin and rubs against my face.  I think that I am allergic to her.  She may be trying to kill me, lol. I usually just pet her and she goes away.  Lol.


Bites your chin? Ouch. Its nice when they show affection though. Mine scratches me if Im not careful. Even the dog doesn't mess with her. He's afraid of her antics and quickness. He'll try things with the older cat who is much calmer. 

   As much as she is mean, she is the cutest thing and I can't resist her when she's showing her nicer side. But I do scold her when she gets into things, like plants. I refrain from petting her too much because I am allergic. 


Yes.  Seriously ouch.  At first I would slap her on the head, but it didn't stop her.  I think she liked it.  Now i just lean into her and she sort of pulls back.  

I have never been allergic to cats until her.  I think it is the poofy hair.  Her sister doesn't bother me, but then she stays away from my face, and has standard short hair cat hair.

All of the dogs stay away from the cats.  The cats are not afraid of the dogs and it shows.  So the dogs seem afraid of the cats. Lol.


Its the dander ( pet dandruff) that people are allergic to. I keep them all out if my room now. That young one tries to come in all the time, and has 2 times. She waltzes in if I leave my door open. 


I have read that.  But the short haired version doesn't bother me.  Better cat spit maybe?  Or maybe because she doesn't want to sit on my face whereas the fluffy one does.  I do keep them out of the bed room.   They sense where they are not supposed to be and go there.  Lol.


Yes I think saliva and dander and what some people are allergic to. 

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The goldfish keep on drinking all the water from their tank. Very funny and a bit annoying.

Life is what you make it.

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Watch that they dont get tipsy on all that water!

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