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I met this guy over a year ago and we hung out only a few times last year, there’s always been a spark between us. Two months ago coming back to college we were always together spending nights and hanging out and i knew he was really into me from what he told my friend. Like 3 weeks ago he just stopped communicating with me and since then his effort to see me or hang out has dwindled. I haven’t done anything to upset him or at least he doesn’t say it. I’m not seeing anyone else and I’m the last person to blow a dudes phone up and be clingy. I saw him out a few nights ago with a random girl going to the bars meanwhile he hadn’t responded to my text all day about giving him a late bday gift (it was a rock lmao). And i know he’s on his phone because he’ll be responding to our mutual friend. Last night i was drinking and one of our mutual friends told me he(boy i like) was saying he woke up to a random girl in his bed and didn’t remember how she got there. When I heard this I thought that’s enough because he’s left me on read for two days, so i unadded him on Snapchat. I felt really good about it up until a few minutes ago. He has drug issues for sure and I’m not sure if that’s getting worse but all he cares about is weed and his business w that. But he’s been treating me like I don’t exist and seeing other women I presume so I’m not sure. 

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And you need advice???  Really???  

My advice to you is to read what you wrote.  It SCREAMS, "Get away from this Loser!"

He sleeps around, treats you badly, has a drug problem... and you think you might have a future with HIM?  Stop abusing yourself with this kind of thinking.  Move on with your life and turn your mind to getting the rest of your education, growing into a life that you want for yourself, and taking the good with the bad without holding on to either one for too long.  Girl, put OUT that "spark."

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Run don't walk away from this looser.  He is obviously moving on from you.  Take the hint.  

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He is over whatever you had together.  It doesn't sound like too much of a loss anyway.  Use this as an opportunity to find someone better, or just fly solo for a while

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There is drama here but there usually is when both minds are different. You have to question whether  it is cool or not?  You seem to have answered your own question.

He isn't into you. Move on, you will "like" another young man. Besides you should be spending time on your studying and such. You should be meeting all kinds of ppl and having fun. 

Do that and stop being a whiney ass. Be strong and firm in your decisions. It is time for you to make your own decisions now and phooey on everyone else.College is fun and it takes hard work to get there. You are supposed to be having some of your life's lessons now. Maybe this is one of them?

Stop being immature. There are many other lessons to learn in your new adult life.

Move on. If you think there is drama now, it would be a lot compared to this. Are you dramatic? What do you say?

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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