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  My FWB and i were laying in bed and i said “i want some hot chips with ice cream” and he said “that’s a pregnant woman’s appetite” i laughed and said “ well ... i just like chips and ice cream” and he said “are you pregnant?” And i said “if i was I’m not telling you “ then i smiled  

He said “you better tell me if you pregnant. Do you think I’m going to be mad if you’re pregnant I’m not going to be mad I’m 33 years old that’s way past the age of having children so i wouldn’t be upset”
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5 Answers

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What do you mean by he’s not father material ? Dies he seem like he wants kids?

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Interesting situation, 33 way past the age of parenting - he is living in a fantasy.  Charlie Chaplin fathered his last kid at 89.

Now not father material do you mean genetically or attitudinally?  Not really enough information given here to comment further

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It is difficult to determine who is more naive: YOU or your FWB.

YOU chose to have unprotected sex with a man whom you don't believe would be a good father, and, by extension, a man whom you consider a poor choice as a life partner ("not father material").  His only value to you is as a sex partner, one who stimulates your glands but not your brain or your soul.  NOW you're thinking you may be pregnant.  Who would YOU blame for this decision?

HE tells you that being 33 years old is "way past the age of having children."  Either he has a very poor education and believes that his sperm died before he was 30, or he is so arrogantly wrapped up in his own alternate reality that he would refuse to take responsibility for any child he would father (by you or any of his other FWB's, it would seem). So, content in his view of his own little self-defined world, he knows you are not a part of it beyond some sex romps that stimulate HIS glands, too.  You let him; he does.

And you thought HE would be good FWB material?

On second thought, I HAVE decided who is more naive.  So now you come HERE and tell us this tale of self-pity.  No questions for us to answer.  No advice sought.  No sharing about any dilemma for which you might need guidance.  Just a post on this board as a "crying towel."  But I'm going to give you some advice even though you haven't asked for it via a question.

I know this is harsh, brutal advice, but here it is: IF you ARE pregnant, you need to grow up VERY fast and become a good, responsible mother who is strong and self-sufficient enough to provide for yourself and for your child.  And you need to mature enough to know that a child cannot and should not be deprived of his/her father, so work out a way for your baby to have both parents in his/her life.  If you are NOT pregnant, you need to GROW UP and realize that the realities of life are often in sharp contrast to the way we WISH things would be.  Deal with life.  And that starts by taking a good hard look at yourself and dealing with yourSELF.

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what a great response, Media.

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Actually, I think he feels that you are mother material.  He thinks that it is time he had some kids, and why not with you. So he is happy, for now, that you might be pregnant.

And you don't say why he might not be father material.  He might be a nicer guy than you give him credit for.

But, you do know what causes pregnancy, right.  Frequent screwing, with no regard to birth control, by either him or you will eventually lead to tiny people.  It seems pretty ignorant that you would fuck him recreationally and not take protection.  Especially if you like him in the sack, but don't think he would be good father material.

Good luck with this.

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How can you tell that he thinks I’m mother material he didn’t say that? 


He didn't say you were not.  You tell him you might be pregnant and he is completely ok with it.  He knows what it means, and he just says ok.

Trust me, that is not a guys normal reaction.  With me it would have been. What!! Are you sure?  I thought you were using protection.  I mean, the screwing has been great, but I didnt want anyone pregnant.  What do you want to do?  

But your guy goes Good.  It is obviously that he likes you more than just a good fuck.

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Ha!! He thinks 33 is beyond the time to be a parent. Got news for you honey,  women are having babies at 50 and even older. Of course they are going to be very old when their kid graduates college, even high school.

You guys must be close or you wouldn't be screwing around. Talk him, tell him how you are feeling about the WHOLE thing. Maybe you guys could come to a shared solution. It isn't going to go away, or get any any either.

You could break away from him. Lose yourself in your work or get a different job somewhere. Hang out with different friend. Just change your whole life and maybe he won't know. Until that kid wants to meet his father one day. Then whut?

Face things now and work it out.

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