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Communication has alleviated the potential problem of having some 7.7 billion people (population currently on the earth) all isolated from one another.

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Facilitates getting food from the field to the table.  Humans are pack animals w/o language and communications the hunt for sustenance would be more difficult if not impossible. The species may be even extinct

This should give you a start for your paper

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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It must be done in every family to preserve their history and ancestors.

Everyone needs to be excited at hearing how your family came about and what their beliefs are.

There may be much easier ways to get information these days, but not the type I am talking about. You can research everything now. You just look it up. There are no phone calls these days because ppl mostly text. Sometimes they don't even answer their calls but just start texting back. The phone was the best way to communicate at one time. You at least got to hear others and to make contact. I hate the way when you make a phone call and never hear a human voice. I hate that. Yeah you drop a line online but how often do we! You can't hear the lies by listening sometimes, nor see it in their eyes.

Anyway I could tell so many different ways but my eyes are strained and hurting. You get my drift.

I can remember when we were moving my dad into the family home. Told my son to go in and call his dad to see if he was coming. He came back to me and said he didn't know how to dial it and needed me to explain it to him!  I did so after I hid the laughter inside. He finally learned how to do it after a few tries. A rotary phone can be quite intimidating.

I know what I have given you. I do not know what you have received. ~Antonio Porchia

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