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+3 votes

No sitting on the fence.

Life is what you make it.

in Just For Fun by (3,777,291 points)

5 Answers

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I dont think he is kidding unfortunately. He is that blind and naive! Oh, well. Someday he might learn. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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I think you're right.

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Wake is neither dumb, or uneducated.  He is a product of his environment, culture and beliefs.  To a certain extent his views are limited, however not invalid.  His forecasts on the next election are not that far off base.

The media outlets are biased to the left and are defined in 3-5 coastal hubs.  They view Trump as the enemy, trump in response is treating the press as the enemy.  A Tit for Tat no win game.  Who started the game we are currently engaged in; too many parties to blame.  How do we get out of this destructive game and tone down the rhetoric - you do not want to know my thoughts.

I knew 2 years before 2016 Hilary was not going to win.  Her hopes depended 3-4 pockets of Liberalism.  Thomas Jefferson saw to it her plans were not to come to fruition - the Electoral College worked for the second time in its history.  The left was furious and doubled down on their attacks which is turning off the middle.

With Sanders down, and Biden politically wounded the Dems are in a tough spot.  They do not have a viable candidate that can win.  Thank Wasserman-Schultz for this debacle due to her backdoor dealing with Hilary in 2016.

2020 will be a watershed and I hope not the precursor to a civil war the Dems cannot win.  I do mean a hot civil war.  Abraham Lincoln prescient in his thoughts an arguments had two statements

A.  A house divided cannot stand by itself

B.  The US will not Fall by attack from the outside, it will fall by rot from the inside

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

by (2,816,700 points)

I can do without being called a loser. But then I can think of some pretty good insults myself.


Did not know he called you that, sorry for that Blue.  With everything else that is all you need


Archer, the Electoral College does NOT work if the person with the most votes nationwide does not win the election. 

Also, regarding Hillary, she was not much left of Bush on many issues and I have no doubt this country would be in worlds better shape right now if she had won the election. Trump is an incompetent fool whose  hubris won’t allow him to take advice from the experts and he has damaged the US almost beyond repair. 

As for Wake, his life must be pathetic so he feels the need to gloat and boast about how right he is to a bunch of strangers on the internet. 


JPT the electoral college is many things, however it was a check on the larger States and pockets of influence.  It was a means for the rich to still control the elections.  Federalist Papers are a boring albeit must read.

On Da Trumpster you are correct IMO.  I did not vote for him. 

I did see 2 years before Hilary did not stand a chance in the Rustbelt and Flyover Land. Given her involvement in the Russian Election Meddling against Putin's loss I think the email hack was Putins payback gift to Hilary.  I think the frosting was all Russian funds were pulled from the Clinton Foundation as well on Hilary's loss

Sidebar - are you recovering?


The presidency is not a directly elected position. It never has been. The purpose of the electoral college is to ensure that smaller states still have a say in the process.


Jophus you are correct in affirming Thomas Jefferson and his plot to block Adams and the large States


The largest state in the country in both 1796 and 1800 was Virginia. Jefferson won it both times. 


I’m hanging in there, Archerchef, thanks for asking.  Radiation is tough to go through but I’m stubborn enough to do it anyway. My mouth and throat are sore and my voice sounds like Carol Channing with strep but ... it could be worse, right??

+3 votes

Of course it was a joke.

The current defense for the right is that every stupid thing that they say is a joke.  

So, I am sure that he was kidding around, just like grab them by the pussy, etc.

by (1,389,630 points)
+2 votes

No he is not kidding around. Wake is a Trumpster from head to toe 

Wake has a "perfect life" with a "great job, with an excellent salary and top notch health cover".

He is not a blue collar worker from the back of beyond who feel left behind and ignored who voted for tRump as a protest against the status quo.

Wake thinks he can be like trump, he hates the same as him, he lives in a state of alternate facts and is godless so Trump fills a need within him.

Yes Wake thinks you are a loser, but you are not the only one, it means you're in good company 

Wake set himself apart from this community and has treated every single one of us with contempt. He isnt alone, as the Walter Mitty, my life is perfect but I'm chasing birds on plenty o fish is just more passive about it.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

by (2,830,120 points)

GB, how are you holding up, my friend?  You’ve been in my thoughts. 


I'm doing ok, I've been busy with arrangements and dealing with other people's grief. It's very unreal comforting people while my heart is broken. 

The other thing I've found out is I dont want people,  only because they don't  know how to act..

Why are they bringing soup?? I have enough soup to last me till I die. And why are they sorry for my loss?. I didn't lose my husband, I know exactly where he is..

However, its important to these people that I respond appropriately so I do. 

The funeral is on Friday and I guess these people will go back to their usual life, and as much as I appreciate their sentiments, I'm looking forward to that day.



   People bring you soup because they want to comfort you. Im so glad to know you know where your husband is. When it's all over your life and theirs will ho back to normal. I wish you well. 

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don't think so. he acts like such a little kid.

by (502,190 points)

A bully one at that. Reminds me of the "Nyahhh, nyahhh, I told you so!" kind of kid. 


Lol. exactly, Amy.

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