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Freire argues that Dehumanization is not our destiny as people, but rather the product of an unfair social order. Because of this, the most important task of oppressed people is to liberate themselves (and their oppressors) from an unjust system. When oppressors appear to help oppressed people, Freire argues that they often harbor a “false generosity” that relies on oppression to work. To truly help oppressed people, one must join the struggle to destroy oppression entirely.

What is the author trying to say?

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Just say no to bullying

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Freire demonstrates the supports of a social system that runs on oppression, if you will. The false motives of oppressors who take the guise of liberators would count as disavowal, a typical strategy of colonial oppression: By pretending they want to help, they hope to distract from all the harm they're guilty of. Focus on what Freire means by "false generosity," and you'll have a better handle on what those sentences mean.

"I am a Shing.All Shing are liars.Am I then a Shing attempting to deceive you or a non-Shing lying?"

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