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 A few months ago, this new guy started at my company. We seem to hit it off almost immediately. There was a lot of eye contact, body language,  what felt to me like sexual tension  and just really good conversation. He didn’t immediately mention the fact that he’s been living with a girl for a while. In fact, whenever he talks about her.... which is rare… He’ll say “the girlfriend“ and usually it’s something negative. Never by name.  And I don’t know how long they’ve been dating/living together because he doesn’t ever talk about her and it’s not listed on his social media. In fact, there’s only two pictures of her and they are over a-year-old 

 We definitely have a connection in the office and other people don’t have, whereas I’m one of the few people he actually talks to, teases/jokes with etc.

 I want to make it clear: things have never gotten sexual with us. But I would say they’re definitely flirty in a PG office friendly kinda way. 

 I was recently away on vacation when a guy friend of mine  said to my crush one day “you know there’s someone in this office who likes you“. My crush knew immediately that it was me and began to smile and blush I was told. He then followed up with a line something like “I have a girlfriend, not much I can do about it“. 

Week after that, I came back to work. So far it hasn’t been mentioned and things have been normal. The one change… I’ve noticed him creeping less on my social media in the last couple of weeks.  My friend tells me not to read into it. He had a birthday when I was away so I posted a meme on his social media that he liked but didn’t say anything about. 

 To be clear: I’m not trying to be the other woman/homewrecker. I work closely with this guy daily. I’m just trying to figure out the fact that he smiled/blushed when he found out confirmation that I like him if that means he’s actually attracted too.  

I am trying to figure out how to proceed in the office now that he has indirectly received confirmation that I like him.


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Have you ever heard the term Office Wife?  Keep it cool, if something happens it will happen

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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No. Smiling and blushing could simply mean he's a bit embarrassed about being told he has an admirer. He came right out and said he's not interested because he has a girlfriend. Stop trying to convince yourself that there's all kinds of reasons why he doesn't really care for her - old photos and calling her "the girlfriend" are not indicators of how he feels about her.

DO NOT try and steal another woman's man. It's not nice. However, if he breaks up with his girlfriend, then he's "fair game" - but not until then. 

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 I have no intention of trying to do anything until he’s single. I’m not that kind of person. But the person who told me his reaction seem to feel that this dude is into me and I get that feeling too.  I’m sure someday we’ll talk about it, but I’m not bringing it up anytime soon. I’m just gonna continue to be friends and see what happens.

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