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so me and friend decided to skip class for the first time. We always get high marks, but it was remebrance day and we saw that alot of people were skipping. so we decided to skip too. we didnt know that they were coming back tho. we were alrdy home. so we decided not to go back. my friend told me that the teacher called her parents that alot of people were skipping. so her mom got mad at her and made her go back. b ut the teacher who called her was r math teacher. and we had a math assignment that day. he was rlly mad bcz he heard that 5 people were skipping. we thought that he wouldnt make us do the assignment. so we searched through the internet to help us but we couldnt find anything,. so we decided to ask online. 

Sorry for the grammars. Just really worried right now.

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His class.  His rules.  Generally teachers can do anything that they want.  So there may be consequences for what you did or didn't do.  Prepare to pay them. 

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Go talk to your Guidance Counselor. They will work out the issue. Do that right now.

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If you skip a class in which a test is being administered, you get zero credit for that class.  If you have a legitimate absence from a class, then you are permitted to make up the work.  You don't have a legit excuse. You lose.

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I would ask a school counselor to see if there is anything you can do.  If you were skipping class every other day I can understand his being like this,  but it was your first and only time (hopefully) this happened and it seems unfair. Being it was Remembrance Day he could have chosen a different day for the test, but that's his class.  Seems a little rigid to me. Good luck. 

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Yes they can, and yes they do.  It happens in Austria, it has happened back home in the US

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