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I live in a medium sized suburb, and its ok. I grew up in NYC and miss it enough to visit, but you can't beat the quiet at night here. Close knit families live here with many young couples and children. We have some restaurants, one named by a magazine as one of the best in NJ, and border other towns with many more restaurants than we do. Excellent school system. Low crime rate. Great transportation options: trains going into NYC and down south Jersey.  Farmers market every Sat, and 2 major supermarkets nearby. Shopping areas and lots of businesses. Its a nice little town. 

   The cons are high property taxes that continue to climb. People looking for a new home find them too expensive, and go elsewhere. But that's true sbout NJ in general. 

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Wow, so nice place.


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Sure.  I live in the country.

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Yes. I live in central Phoenix - right smack in the heart of the the hustle and bustle. I love it - I’m a city girl, no doubt about it. 

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I live just outside the city and only go there very rarely. I wouldn't want to live there.

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I'm quite happy here. Nice neighbours, convenient shopping, good public transport network, etc.

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