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Preschool 1st year - Ms. Brown.  2nd year - Ms. Laurean.  The latter used to live down the street from my grandmother and related to my cousins through marriage.  I last saw her 10yrs ago.

Kindergarten - Ms. Johnson.  21yrs old and her first year teaching.  I remember her being cussed out by another student's mother and she broke into tears.  I didn't like that student after that.

1st - Mrs. Durham

2nd - Mrs. Ledbetter

3rd - Mrs. Daughtery

4th - Mrs. Holley

5th - Mrs. Connelly, replaced by Mrs. Spencer in the 3rd month.  Mrs. Spencer was beautiful.  A petite 26yr old  Filipina, married to the much older special ed teacher.  We were her first class and she was very enthusiastic.

6th - Ms. Hill

7th - Mr. McLean

8th - Ms. DeVane

High school was a blur as far as teachers.  I had a lot of them.  I know this was more than you asked for LOL.

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No. But a doctor that joined my surgery recently remembered me being a patient of his as a child with chest and breathing problems 45 years ago.

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No.  It was a very long time ago in a city far far away.

I do remember some of them, but not the first.

I.e.  Fourth grade.  Mrs.  Hanley.  She used to smack you on the top of the head with a pointer.  She died the next year in front of the class from a heart attack while smacking some poor kid.  I was not sorry.

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Wow ... what an impressive story.


Lol.  It didn't end well for her, and I moved on.  Might be a life lesson there.


That wouldnt fly today, unless it was a Catholic school. Maybe not even then!


Public school.  In her defense, she was a tiny woman, with a huge temper.  She was well known t do this.  It was not a secret.  And at the time spanking was pretty common.  Sixth grade was a pain in the ass. Lol. 

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No, I remember the last teacher at primary school before going onto High School. Miss Bridges, she gave me the belt almost every day. It didnt work.

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Yes.  My Kindergarten teacher's name was Mrs. Mansfield.  Everyone though she was "beautiful."  I looked at the class kindergarten picture a few years ago, and I had to laugh.  She was a pudgy person.  Not ugly, but not what I would think of as "beautiful."  I liked her a lot.

First Grade was Mrs. Toothman.  I can probably name all my teachers for each grade.  Maybe that's why I became one and taught for 35 years.

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Yes, I had 2 because I tranferred from one school to another when we moved. My first one was Miss Mandell.  The second was Mrs. Mantell. Similar names, different people.  

2nd grade, Mrs Dankner

3rd Mrs Livingston

4th Miss Brown

5th Mrs McKowitz

6th Mr Kesseler

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