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I know my bf cheated on me with a “mutual” friend of ours (she was kind of my friend but she never really put in any effort with me all her attention was always on my bf lets just say she’s had a hidden agenda since probably the beginning ). My bf tried to lie about it and hide it but he slipped up and so I called him on it. Now, I know this is an excuse but he was recently diagnosed with cancer and even though he’s hurt me real bad I can’t bring myself to leave him at such a shit point in life cuz I love him, foolish me blah blah. ANYWAYS I told this fool I will work on healing and getting to the point of forgiving him but he has to do ONE thing for me...block.that.bitch out of his life %100 (as she did to me like 2 effing years ago). So I thought he did just that!! Ya I’m a fooooooool, 4 days ago he had major surgery and I’ve been taking care of his ass since, I’ve been doing everything for him and two days ago I find out he’s still messaging this bitch !!! And she has the effing audacity to make a comment like “oh so she(me) is taking good care of you” not even as a question she said it like a fucking statement like as if she knows anything about me. And EXCUSE ME he’s MY fucking boyfriend of over 5 years YA I AM TAKING CARE OF HIS SHIT ASS  

I feel so stupid but that, fuck that pissed me off to the nines. I’m over here losing sleep because I’m taking care of this dickhead and he’s talking to her still and she’s acting like some great shit...fuck they’re made for each other. I know I need to get out of this toxic relationship but my lame ass has anxiety attacks thinking about abandoning him right now 

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Why on earth are you so angry with that woman? She didn't cheat on you, she didn't make you any promises, she isn't using you.

Cancer or not, the trust has gone and your bitterness will grow like a cancer in you.

Walk away and leave them to it. You'll have far more happy years without him than misery if you stay.

No man has a  right to fix the boundary to the march of a Nation...

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I’m bitter because she lied to me, used me, disrespected me and on top of all of that she had the odacity to ask me for help even after she willingly and knowingly used me. LOL ya when a friend does that to me you better believe I’m going to be bitter over it. I would never do that to a friend. ‍♀️

He’s an entirely different story, I’m infuriated with him and I almost hate him but I feel bad because CANCER IS A SON OF A BITCH am I not allowed to be sad about that aspect? 


Cancer sucks, I've had more than enough of it but you will be staying with him for all the wrong reasons.


I got used by not only one jackass in my life but TWO. At least if it had been some random bitch I didn’t know guarantees she wouldn’t know about me and I can friend her...but this cunt was already my friend and she lied to me, went behind my back and willingly played along with this bullshit game of his knowing perfectly well that I exist. It’s fucking disrespectful as hell dude


She was never your friend and if you thought as much you need to choose your friends more carefully.

You cant do anything about her, you can only fix your own situation.

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