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Double meaning lol. My skin is falling off, I've spoke about it before but this looks serious. My face is disintegrating.

Here, I hope when I get the right cream all my wrinkles are gone.

in Just For Fun by (2,927,870 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote

That does not sound good. I've got a fairly thick skin.

by (3,882,361 points)
+1 vote

Sorry to hear that, Belle.  You are a trouper!

My skin is very thick but deep inside, it is thin.

by (746,560 points)

No I'm not a trouper, I'm moaning everybodies face off. I'm trying to convince them I've got leprosy cause I googled it and on page 15 it definitely says I have.


Oh wow! What does your Dr. think it is?


I haven't asked. I think its stress though 


I am surprised I haven’t sloughed off an entire me like a snake then! My stress has been insane all year!

Crazy thing is my bp runs lower now and my cholesterol and sugar is in check go figure?


8 have an appointment with the Doc on the 18th, I'll mention it then and see what type of cream she recommends. 

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