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+1 vote

Where will you be if the shite hits the fan?

in In the News by (748,880 points)

6 Answers

+1 vote

Who? What?

by (2,927,630 points)
+1 vote

Missiles I'm guessing. The dude loves them.

by (3,882,301 points)

I’ll be in the basement with my aluminum foil pot-pie pan on my head. I’ll have my meals-ready-to-eat too!

Bam! Pow!

+1 vote

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has promised a Christmas surprise for the US! Evidently Trump offended Kim by talking about Kim’s human rights violations!

Kim basically wants Trump to take it back and cease and desist talking shite about Kim!

Do you suppose they will make up before Christmas?


by (748,880 points)

I'm sure they'll both kiss and make up.


Oh is that all. I thought you were talking about the Kardashian brat and her mad hubby 


Umm, they aren’t really on my radar.

I do wonder about Kimchi sometimes. He is truly the unhinged one!


Nice haircut though.


Are you a fan of the high fade or pompadour?

Supreme Grandfather would be proud!


Hair today, blown up tomorrow.



+1 vote

Mr kim is not suicidal.  He does know how to play the dumpster.  So, currently he is just threatening dumpster with SOMETHING.  At some point, if he doesn't get what he wants, he will have to do something.  My guess is that he will fire an ICBM down range somewhere to make it obvious that he can hit anything he wants, like japan, etc.  And that will prompt the dumpster to concede something.  

by (1,447,350 points)

Or Trump will call him a 3rd rate North Korean leader! Ha!


Probably not.  That would be the truth, and the trumpster never tells the truth.  Most likely another cute name. Like little rocketman.  I don't think kim really cares.  He has got what he needed.  Time to finish the nuclear bomb program, and the rocket program.  He is now nuclear armed and he knows that the US never attacks a nuclear armed country.  In fact, sucks up to them.  Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia, France, etc.

+1 vote

They are all idgits!!

by (427,710 points)

Hey! Thundergrljean! Merry Christmas!

Good to see ya here!

+1 vote

All Kim is doing is not abiding by what Trump wanted him to do, that being to denuclearize and talk about the same. Those talks are off, since Kim sees Trump has been impeached and he probably feels less threatened, and feels he won't win again next year. So he is doing what he wants,  because he feels no need to do what Trumpie wanted him to do. 

by (933,140 points)
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