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A robotic voice says what are the signs you are an earth Angel. Are you one? 

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I can't begin to tell you how ridiculous these women look with wings attached to their backs. That is part of the reason that many don't believe or are skeptical. I realize that they are using them to make a point for the show. An angel doesn't need to announce themselves to the world or accept any type of praise for the things they do. Many are not even aware that they are angels.

Earth angels are those many wonderful people that help others out, anyway possible. It is determined by their actions and the need for assistance. In other words, if I.would be needing  someone to assist me and along came someone to give me a hand.

Many ppl don't even know they were touched by an angel!! Ppl should naturally be angelic or at least attempt to do angelic things for othets. It is just logical and second nature for them. There is so much evil and hatred in the world now more than ever before..

It is so apparent all around us and getting worse so the time.

I try to let others know they have done well and their deeds were very appreciated.

I will simply say to them that they have performed an angel deed for today and have Blessed me in the process.

No, I am not an earthly angel. There are many of them. I am simply a sinner who has her moments.  You don't have to be an old wise soul. You certainly don't have to come from a different p!anet. Be kind to one another.

I always tell God that I am going to make a huge sign and carry it around. It would simply say, "God is watching us! He sees and he hears all that we are doing." Do you think He means it to be this way?

 Do your Angel deed today!

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I agree that they shouldn't wear those wings. Maybe it was part of the tv show they were on to have them wear them. I don't know if the women know one another. 

    I always thought it was God who appointed Angels, and so I am skeptical but at the same time, I know many who do good and who have the traits of the second video. To me those people who do good work and do not expect praise as you say, or attention from it are angels on earth. Whether or not they are angels who have taken life on earth as humans to spread light and love,  is another thing. But it is interesting for sure to me. 

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There are angels on this earth doing kind things everyday. People need to think about that more.

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I'm an angel with a dirty face. No one is perfect but we all do our best to get on with it. Nothing else for it 

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