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Wishing you ALL a peaceful and contented time during the holiday season:

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah

Enjoy Kwanzaa


Festivus for the RestOfUs

Happy New Year, too!

I'm wishing, hoping and praying for all to find healing, contentment, joy, quiet happiness, success, resolve, confidence, and a sense of well-being!  Select those you want... ;-)


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Thank you.  I take one from column A and two from column B.  Lol.

Merry Christmas, or whatever, to you and Mrs. Media.

by (1,461,710 points)
+2 votes

Many thanks Media. Have a good one.

by (3,905,591 points)

Happy Holidays,Blue!


Thanks Lady. Have fun!

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Thank you Media,, and Merry Christmas to you and yours 

by (2,947,170 points)

I wish you a blessed Christmas Belle!

You certainly deserve it after this year!

Don’t drink to much!

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Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Media

And a Happy New Year to come!

by (753,450 points)
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Merry Christmas, Media. Enjoy these holidays with your loved ones. :) 

   A blessed Christmas and happy holiday to you all, my second family. :) 

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Back at you, Media. Enjoy your holidays!!

by (2,359,110 points)
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Merry Christmas  to  you and  family  Media .



by (122,740 points)
+1 vote

Same to you and yours, Media!!!

by (2,359,110 points)
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Hoping you and yours have a beautiful New Year.

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