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Trump pulled out of an Obama-era nuclear deal, and they spiked shortly before the airstrike. The strikes that killed Soleimani were carried out after the death of a U.S. contractor in a rocket attack against a military base in Kirkuk, Iraq, that the United States blamed on Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed militia.

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2 Answers

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I blame Trump.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,836,461 points)

Now Now...Calm it down a bit.

You will be blaming Trump for the Sun not shining.

Give the man some slack....he is not of this EARTH...I assure you.

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If Trump walked on water, they would say it was because he couldn’t swim!

Same ole same ole!

The Leftists have left us!

by (735,700 points)

No, I do not believe he would be given that power.

Jesus had (3) powers.


No I don’t either. It’s an analogy for their constant fault finding of Trump!


They said the same about Obama. So...


What a foreign country said about Obama was....
 " Who is going to listen to the Son of a WHORE?" 




Well, Obama is African American...HE IS NOT BLACK!

His pappy comes from AFRICA!


I don't give a shit to be honest.


From what I keep hearing, one hand has got to wash the other.

This is some deep shit.

And if it happens here, then the country you are in could also face the repercussion.

Even you must have observed the flux with weather...

Mother Earth is not a happy camper.


I'm not interested.

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