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The trees way down in the backyard, prevented the Trampoline from going down in a deep water area.

We have NEVER had a Trampoline, but it is one of the expensive ones.

A neighbor's 10 year old son, asked if he could have it!

My daughter attempted to post  pictures of it in Next Door site online, but we are experiencing some Spectrum issues with our service.

How long should we wait for someone to claim it?

IF not claimed it will be our expense to have it removed.

PS...The 10 year old boy, drives his dad car.

We live on a dead end, and I looked out the window in SHOCK as I watched that kid wheeled that car, better than a professional race car driver.

I kid you not!

My sister said, that in the country, farmers often would let their kids drive tractors, they got those 4-wheelers up and down the street.

I was going to complain, but I got some legal matters here myself.

I had to convince myself to repeat 13 times... " IT IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM!"

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1 Answer

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What an uplifting story.

Life is what you make it.

by (3,836,461 points)

I just want the damn thing gone.

I am sick of looing out the kitchen window at it.

Somebody needs to claim it!

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