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I went into an utter meltdown, because I feared having to go to the Emergency Room.

I poured liquid Wesson oil on it, but it did not bulge.

I  went in the bathroom, and got some Johnson Baby Gel, but it still did not release.

I had to hold the Super Glue with a towel to prevent tearing of my skin.

I was fully panicking and called my sister.

She said butter, then she said Vasoline.

I did not have Vasoline.

My daughter was at the doctor, so with my free left hand, I texted her.

She said Goo Gone is in the Garage.

I got the Goo Gone, poured it on my thumb, but NOTHING!

I became abnormally Stressed.

The I sat in the Meditative position....Pyramid position, and closed my eyes.

I began thinking of how the Universe has a Vast amount of KNOWLEDGE....

I simply needed to TAP IT!

I thought chemicals.... then it hit me.

Dawn Dish liquid.

I had none in the kitchen, but my daughter keeps it in the garage to clean the garage floor.

I went back down the steps to get the Dawn, got over the sink, continued to pour it on my stuck thumb, when I began to feel  a slipping.

I continued to pour the Dawn, and then my Thumb was released.

Damage was done, for the skin was pulled, and I have to get aTetanus shot, just in case.


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