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This is not a Trumpy post.

in Diet and Health by (3,882,321 points)

5 Answers

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Here Down South, we call it DRESSING.

And mostly, my people would use chickens or Hens, more so than Turkey.


Thanks for the clarification.


No Prob-men-toe

+1 vote

Love it. My mother in law made the best. My husband knew how to make her recipe too now itll be a packet of paxso.

by (2,927,830 points)
+1 vote

Ohhh yes! I like mine a little on the dry side. That way when you pour the turkey gravy over it , it isn’t a big wet mess! Easy on the sage please!

by (748,880 points)

I use real butter when I make the cornbread.

Had a cousin who made her dressing/stuffing in an iron skillet on the stove.

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Yes obviously 

by (82,560 points)
+1 vote

I think it is stuffing if you cram it in the turkey.

And dressing if you bake, fix on stove top, or in microwave.

I was always asked to make my dressing in a pan and have some Krispy on top. I believe ppl always loved eating my dressing mainly because I didn't use a lot of seasoning. What seasoning I did use was fresh.

I don't care for turkey and therefore haven't baked or stuff one for years. There is absolutely no sense in it.

Gobble gobble!!

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