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Since Watergate, presidents and their aides have warned that impeachment is destabilizing to foreign policy. But history suggests otherwise. Presidential scandals create uncertainty abroad, but the impeachment process itself seems to bring clarity and resolution.

Keep this lesson in mind this week as the Senate begins its trial of President Trump. The president’s advocates will argue (as he himself has already) that impeachment and trial are harmful to America’s image abroad and derail normal foreign policy. But the evidence doesn’t support that dire view.

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The Donald is what is being harmful to our image abroad. 

Everyone seems to know how much of a liar he is.

I still say he could never be the chosen one, but that he was sent in advance of the anti-christ. He is turning everything topsy turvy. There is so much hatred in the world because of him and his minions. There is no trust in anyone. How could we when the guy might be potus, but may do as he has done so far. and fails to remember his "promises".

The guy makes us all appear sneaky and a dirty no good American. We sure don't have the upper hand in anything he is involved in.

He will do his best to tear us down and get ready for the end of time. There should be an impeachment and he should be forced to stay in regular prison for the next several yrs. He is a flat out evil person and is trying to gather followers.

We may be considered weak because we can't take care of our leader.

Deal with it. Nothing will happen and he will take office again.Notice I didn't say he would be voted in.  I really don't believe we will have presidents after this is finished. Why would we put another cracker in office? I guess it really does depend who has the money and power.

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It's a scary thing but all true. IMO the worst president in history of America. I'll be praying much the next 4 years or more. 


Yes Swetie, we all need to pray because either way this goes down there is still going to be hatred and turmoil everywhere we look.

Our country may have been the best at one time, but we now look like a joke. That man's name should be stricken from the books and scrubbed from our brains. It should be forbidden to speak of him or at least for 999 yrs. 

He is definitely a fraud, for trying to be a decent human being. Well trying to be a humanoid of any kind. HE MAY BE AN ALIEN!!!


He's an evil man for sure. The country was NEVER like this with other presidents. I'm not sure it's safe to have him repeat another 4 years. I am still hoping we will vote him out. 


I agree that it isn't going to be safe for anyone if the next 4 yrs include him in our government. We need to get smart and stay strong but put him out permanently. 

Because of him our country, no our world will never be the same again.

How come we haven't heard of anyone trying to blow him into the next galaxy? Not even one person. Could it be because everyone loves him, trusts him, and believe him?



I am also surprised with all he has done and said about just about anyone that no one has tried to assassinate him. More people dislike him than not. He must have security men around him 24/7,  and the cult he hangs out with make sure he is protected. 

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Dictatorships can’t conceive of the impeachment idea!

If someone tried a soft coup they would find their head lopped off in their soft lap. Democracy in all its liberty make coup attempts possible and politically profitable.

In Russia these jokers would be killed or worse yet drug off to the goulag!

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I wouldn't worry too much,the rest of the world knew what Trump was long before this trial. 

The fact that he will forever be known as the impeached President Ttump is just a delicious extra.

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It's classic politics. If you think the opposition are not going to knock you down given the opportunity you're deluding yourself. And so is Donald Trump.

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