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My credit is in the 520 range but slowly improving.  My income is decent. I wanted a travel rewards card like one of the Chase Sapphire options, but was denied due to the low score.  Ideally I need a card that is widely accepted at a lot of places (so not American express), and if it could be used internationally that's even better.  Also any kind of travel perks that come with the card would be nice, but not required as I can't be too picky. All suggestions are appreciated

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6 Answers

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I would recommend getting a top-up card so you can't go into debt. I have a debit card with PayPal and is mastercard, so accepted worldwide. It's top-up with the ability to transfer money onto and off next day sometimes same day. There is a full log of your transactions and there is no annual fee or interest applied.

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Thank you!

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I would recommend once your credit gets higher, to go with Capitol One Venture card. You get a lot of perks with it. It seems to be one of tbe best. I have Capitol One Silver something and they are very fair. Here's a list of others and you can expand on the details at the bottom of each for more information. 

    Here's the list.

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Thank you!


Cap 1 has extremely poor customer service.  I have heard horror stories from friends and coworkers

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I suggest the Capital One Platinum Mastercard, I have had it since I got a credit card, and it is one of the only ones that I have kept.

It is a secured card, which means they give you $100 and your limit is whatever else you add to the card. 

I have always left the card at the minimum of $200, I sent them the $100, and never asked for a credit line increase, although, however high you wanted the limit to be is how much you would send.

So if you wanted a $500 limit, you would send them $400. 

I have never had any issues with them, one thing to keep in mind, the annual fee is $75 and that is billed during the April statement

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That's odd they're billing you a yearly fee. I pay no fee with Capitol One Quick Silver. Same company, so that's weird. 


my father has a Quicksilver, not sure if he pays a yearly fee.

It could have something to do with that the card is a secured card, which most people with bad credit can get, and have an easier time get accepted.

I have fixed my credit in the last several years, but at least I know when the annual fee is billed now.

I used to see the charge and get all messed up when they would say that my card was over the limit, and I couldn't understand why because I didn't use it.

They bill the annual fee regardless of your limit or if it makes you go over, but it helps knowing when it gets billed, so I can managed


Thats a little confusing  I used to have the Capitol One, was upgraded to the silver one. 

 Never paid a yearly fee, and made sure none of my cards had yearly fees. Can you switch to one that doesnt?  Maybe you can ask them. 


With that, I have a question to ask you.

They keep sending me an offer to get the QS, and I know it has some rewards, because my father has it.

My question to you is, did they upgrade you, or did you have to go through the whole process again?

It is like when they ask me if I want a credit line increase, sure, I will take it, because my payments have been on time and I have righted myself, but I never do it, because I am not paying $20-25 to have a credit line increase just for them to run my credit again.

It has always been hard for me to get any credit because of my student loans, and most likely always will be, even if I have been doing much better.


both of my cards have an annual fee.  One is CO, and one isn't.

I will guarantee the yearly fee is A.  because of my credit when I got it and B. because at the time, they considered me a risk.

I do appreciate though, that for both cards, every time I set payments, at least the last 4 months or so, they praise and applaud me for doing so well.

The rep wanted me to look into the QS, I just haven't even tried yet, because I don't want to them to tell me I get rejected because of my student loans.


I would go ahead and let them send you the QS card. That was an upgrade for me, yes, and no, they don't look at your credit all over again. I don't even think looking at your credit hurts the score, it's when you apply for a loan for anything that your credit score goes down a few points. By the way, Cap 1 increases your credit and sometimes I never knewvthey had until I was emailed about it.

   I would ask about the yearly fee, and if they say there is one, ask that being you have always sent your payments in on time, and kept the money in the account much lower than what  the credit line is, to waiver that fee. If not then ask what cards they can offer you with no yearly fee. 

   If they offer you a credit increase, take it, it does improve your score. However try not to use it and use it only in an emergency and as a last resort. Keep it open and use it sparingly is key. 


I learned that the hard way when I was younger.

I have always seen people either max out their cards or use the card when they didn't have cash, so that was what I did when I was younger.

Then I realized that how much you use of it matters, and you should only use a credit card when you have the money to pay for it at the end of the month.

I have righted myself, and things are much better now, but it can take a while to learn that lesson.

I will think about it, they do send the offer rather often, and each month when I have a question or make a payment, they say it would be a nice card for me.


I learned the hard way too. I was keeping balances on my cards, I had 3 major ones. I used them foolishly and wasn't being wise.    About 2 yrs ago I stopped all usage on them, or rather just used them once in awhile when continuing to pay them. I just about paid all but one, and once I sell my home I will pay all completely. I can't wait. My score is good but it's never good to carry balances and it does affect your score if the balance has been carried over time. 

    My daughter scolded me once for carrying a 300.00  balance on a store card. Little does she know what debt I had yrs ago. 

   I think you'll be fine knowing now how it works.  Your score will grow over time. Ad long as you pay on time, and pay more than the minimum owed, or better yet pay it all if you can, that is good. Use them as well. If you stop using them, they may attempt to close the card, which may drop your score a bit. 

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None!! Just absolutely none at all. Who needs the damn things?

Pretty soon we are all going to be chipped for everything. 


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First work on your credit score.  Second find a local card and pay off the balance every month.  When your credit score improves look for the next perk worthy card.

A Visa or Mastercard affiliation is ideal.

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I used to have a low credit score but then i contacted hackersnetwork0001 via gm ail, hired him and my credit score was increased. I heard of him from a friend he helped in a similar way. Just another option for you to consider 

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