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So there's a guy, posted about him before. Close friend, might be moving towards more than friends. Adore him and happy either way. We work in similar creative industries doing different things that work together.

He has a travel bug and has done more road tripping and backpacking than me. Before I even knew that I'd committed to traveling more this year. I was considering a few different states to move to so I wanted to visit all of those, plus a friend who lives on the coast and is in my industry (friend, beach, and potential industry contacts??? Um, yeah, right?). I just mapped out a trip from where we live (middle of the country) across and basically down the coast, then back towards home. 5 states to stop in, 7 cities to focus on, 5,000ish miles.

I think I want to take this trip sometime this spring or early summer just as work really picks up in our industry after the winter slump, and maybe take a full month to take the trip and try to work in some of these states. One of them is one he's lived in before and where we both plan to move this fall if everything works out. Most of these states have bigger industries than us, pretty much all of them, so day playing is definitely a possibility if we can connect with someone. So the potential to help pay for the trip.

I kind of have the hookup for hotels because one parent travels a lot and gets points, the other is an independent travel agent. Not saying they could float the trip, but they could definitely help a little and would probably offer - especially since one of the last stops before home is near/with them. So that'd help with money, too. Since I'd potentially try to go for a whole month, maybe my birthday month, that's important.

Basically, would it be a good idea to ask him to come? We'd have a couple months to plan and budget. We've known each other for roughly 10 months now, it'll be almost a year by the time the trip would happen. We aren't sexually active, but sort of intimate physically, mentally, and emotionally. I really like him. We've kind of talked about taking a trip together before, but nothing of this scale. He has liked suggesting and planning mini road trips that are just a couple hours or for the day with an activity in there for us, though. He enjoys long drives, and we have fun. How would you react to a friend asking you this question? I kind of plan on going either way, but it'd be great to have company and he's who I'd want most for several reasons. Company, fun, excitement, experience, can drive more in a day, split costs, hopefully some action in the sexy dept lol

Should I leave it more open? I have it roughly mapped out and I have two friends and some family I already know I can visit along the way. I'm pretty sure he'd have friends in at least two of those states as well, though, and don't have too many plans for once I get to these states/cities and am open to those suggestions.

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Sure.  Why not?  You already think that there may be sex involved, so it would not come as a surprise to you if he thought that enjoying your body was a side, or top or bottom, benefit of the trip.  I have done a lot of road trips and really enjoy them.  You might save some money if you planned to camp at a few places.  Depending on your vehicle, you might be able to sleep in it.  But a small tent and sleeping bag goes a long ways.  Also when visiting friends you can offer to use the sleeping bag.

I planned a long road trip and my girlfriend went along.  We were sexual before the trip but after 9 months on the road, we got married.

Ask.  The worst that can happen is that he will say no.

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Fair enough, and thank you!

Hopefully the scope of what I'm planning is not a hindrance. I'm full-time freelance, he's not, so more to consider for him. But, a few months out. And I'd be open to scaling things up or down I suppose.

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Yeah, why not.  Though, remember this would be a month of being together pretty much 24/7 with no escape if things go to shit a week in.  You feel confident you'll get along?  And if not are you ready for that?

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Sure why not.  My suggestion would be a long weekend or week at first just to see if you two can stand each other.  It may also give you a chance to see if you both are sexually compatible

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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