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a little too soon. My tulip bulbs are coming up, much to tbe delight of squirrels,  who are beginning to nibble at the tops. The daffodils are showing light green stems of about 5 to 6 inches in height. It was about 50 degs yesterday, windy like March weather around here, and now raining as it does in April. 

   Of course those with no knowledge or acceptance of global warming would say, "Bring it on!"

    This is not good. Polar bears have no place to go as the ice melts. Just one problem out of many..

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3 Answers

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It's a Nothing Iceberg.

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Greenland's icesheet covering it is melting too. Someone told me that somewhere in the north, an ice glacier is heading towards us and they estimate it will hit New Jersey. Not kidding, either. 


I watched a BBC documentary the other day about scientists doing stuff in Antarctica. About melting of the ice. They said no-one does anything there without the cooperation of the weather. One of the worst environments on earth.


Its worrisome. It's also deceiving because of the fact that we can't see it happening from where we are, but those scientists can. It's happening faster than we think. 

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I believe that what is going to happen is going to happen. Just as the prophets spoke of.

There are not enough decent ppl left to help change anything now. I am not just speaking about the weather.

Your plants will survive and if not there is always next year. Or we all pray that we will be here and able to enjoy flowers.

We can all see the changes in weather patterns, and the way we live.

All I can say is GOD is watching us. All of us.

Be careful and keep praying for your peace, no matter where that comes from.

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Here's an interesting, if kind of tangential, read about bees and early warm snaps


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I've seen my first fly in the backyard yesterday. Thanks for this, Grin. 

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